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"A bunch of funk"

Saxophonist Dave Laub’s musical background is in jazz, but he added some funk to his repertoire when he started Flux5.

“I wanted to start a jam band where I wasn’t just playing jazz,” Laub said about his latest musical venture.

Flux5 was formed in 2004, when it began playing New Orleans-style funk at venues in Vail. Growing into a more mature sound in the past few years, Flux5 currently fills a set with original beats as well as a few classic covers redone with the deep bass lines and thick keyboards consistent with funk.

“Our goal is to have a high-energy show that keeps people up and dancing,” Laub said.

The band’s current five members have been playing together for two years.

“Every show is getting tighter,” Laub said. “We’ve been getting a really good response from people throughout the past couple years.”

Joining Laub is bassist Richie Vazques, drummer Scott Mattson, guitarist Matt Cheek and keyboardist Andy Schmidt. Laub credits Flux5’s unique sound with the variety of influences each member brings.

“We just let everyone bring their own piece to the table,” Laub said. “We don’t really put bounds on what kind of music we’ll draw from.”

Four of the five members of Flux5 graduated with music degrees ranging from classical to jazz, which Laub says is an advantage within the jam band scene.

“It gives us a certain approach that’s unique,” Laub said.

The self-proclaimed “distinctive, greasy” beats of Flux5 won the first annual Fired Up Band Contest in Carbondale. Laub describes the band’s music as a melting pot of soul-jazz, blues, funk, rock and hip-hop.

“We just pass around our CDs to each other and try getting into what others are listening to,” Laub said. “Our backgrounds in music are so diverse, and our music shows it.”

Flux5 tours the rest of the summer in Colorado, playing shows until the end of August. A live CD is in the works and should be released this fall.

“We’re really trying to unify our sound,” Laub said. “We’re always pushing the bounds to find our signature style.”
- The Steamboat Pilot & Today

"In Tune With Musicians"

Editor's Note: Flux 5 plays its signature blend of funky soul music, blues, gospel, and modern jazz at 9 p.m. today at the Black Nugget in Carbondale. Cover is $5.

City/hometown: Vail

Type of music: It's a kind of guitarish-bassy-keyboard sound with rhythmic timpanic beats and a horn; we think no one has ever done it before. Our fans have urged us to bill it as high-energy funk-jam.

Members' names: Dave Laub (tenor sax); Andy Schmidt (keyboards and vocals); Matt Cheek (guitar and vocals); Richie Vazquez (bass); and Scott Mattson (drums)

How did you come up with the band's name? All other four letter words were taken. Flux actually means flowing change.

What message do many of your songs communicate to? Get up and shake it. A lot. Actually, now that I think about it, I guess it's mostly about drinking and Vegas.

Ever been heckled? Yeah, it's been a while ... it actually happened the last time we played at the Nugget. Apparently, "Freebird" is a timeless, classic tune that should be played by all bands ... even funk bands. If we'd only known this bit of info earlier, we could've avoided it.

Ever break a city or neighborhood noise ordinance? The Town of Frisco and Town of Silverthorne police, for some reason, don't allow loud music on large stages in people's back yards after 1 a.m. What's up with that? I hear Carbondale lets you go all night. If you're interested in having us in your back yard, be sure to stop by tonight. We've been known to stay up late and play music until sunrise.

Biggest influences: Galactic; Medeski, Martin & Wood; Herbie Hancock; The Meters; John Scofield; Lettuce; Soulive; Papa Grows Funk; and '70s porn.

If you play any covers, what's the group's favorite? "Pick Up The Pieces" makes us feel like we're on the set of "Swingers."

Which three musicians, living or dead, would you jam with if you could? This question prompted a band brawl ... James Brown, Miles and Jaco.

Ever been confused for another band? No, but we have been confused. We've also been another band. Karl Denson has been known to call us Flow5 in front of big crowds.

Most memorable moment in your career so far: Backing up Galactic's drummer, Stanton Moore, last year. We should probably also mention that Richie (bassist) showed up with a cast on his right hand for this one. He's a damn-good one-handed bassist, if you're ever looking for one.

If the group had a candy bar named for it, what would it be called and what would it be made of? Funkachunk - chocolate, caramel and salt peanuts

If you could describe the band in one word, what would it be? Slammin'
- Post Independent, Glenwood Springs

"Local funksters Flux 5 play ShowDown Town concert"

EAGLE — By continually pushing stylistic boundaries to achieve a signature sound, the local musicians who make up Flux5 have achieved a devoted fan base with their fusion of soul, jazz, R&B, funk, rock, gospel and hip hop. They play in Eagle Town Park Thursday as the ShowDown Town free concert series continues.

Performing their New Orleans-flavored sound around the state since 2002, Flux5 takes a very organic approach to their improvisational funk. Over the past five years, the band has experienced several changes in its musical direction, always keeping things fresh and hip. The band has shared dates with nationally acclaimed funk superstars Vinyl and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, as well as backed the famed New Orleans funk drummer Stanton Moore at a drum clinic in 2006. Last summer, they won the first annual Frisco-Colorado Fired up Band Contest and performed at the Music on Main Street event.

This group is comprised of five hard working jazz and funk musicians. Collectively, the members have earned four music degrees, logged thousands of hours of stage time and played numerous music festivals.

Bassist Richie Vazquez is an aggressive player with great chops and a natural feel.
Colorado native drummer Scott Mattson propels the band with fresh ideas and energetic grooves. Nashville-born guitarist Matt Cheek is the smiling free spirit that lays down the feel-good guitar lines that give the group its natural, flowing feel.

Keyboardist Andy Schmidt’s organically grown keys and thick buttery sounds are also a vital component of Flux5. His vibrant playing and funky syncopations bring out the great textures that provide the core sound of this quintet.

The final element of Flux5 is funk-master and band leader Dave Laub. Armed with the big fat sound of his tenor saxophone and his great sense of musicality, Laub is the man that brings this blend of top-shelf players together.

Now in its eighth season, the ShowDown Town is a family event with a variety of kids activities complementing the music each week. ShowDown Town, presented by the Town of Eagle, is a project of the Vail Valley Foundation. For more information, call 949-1999 or visit www.vvf.org.
- Vail Daily

"And now for something completely different..."

With the season winding down, it’s hard to find good live music these days. But have no fear. Tonight Frisco beats the odds and hosts Flux5, a local outfit whose ferocious grooves will have Jonny G’s jumpin’.

Coming from a fairly sheltered musical background, Dave Laub (saxophonist/bandleader of Flux5) grew up in the ’70s and ’80s not with metal, pop or even disco, but at the roots of America’s music — jazz. Studying music throughout high school, then on to Bowling Green State University in Ohio, he was schooled in be-bop, swing and classical with theory and composition being his strong suit. After graduation he continued his musical education, real-world style, by moving to the High Country and becoming a music teacher at Battle Mountain High School in Eagle-Vail.

With this new vista he started exploring alternative music from jam bands to reggae, finding a penchant for the deep grooves in funk.

Combining this with the discipline of jazz, Laub started composing and trying to find an outlet for his productivity. Playing with a variety of lineups from trios to septets (thus the name Flux) he struck musical gold when he found five like-minded players who not only had a predilection for playing, but were serious musicians as well. This heady bunch of players consists of Matt Cheek on guitar, Barry Nease on keys (a Hammond B3 to be exact), Jeff LaMascus on bass, Dave Nichols on drums, and newest addition (and really making it Flux6), Leo Spazianni on percussion.

Their music is rooted in jazz like that of Miles and Monk, but finds wings through freestyle funk reminiscent of Sly and JB, the fusing of the two creating a sound that is totally unique. Live performances boast mostly Laub’s original compositions but also highlight a few covers like Cannonball Adderley and Herbie Hancock with a Flux treatment.
- The Summit County Independent- by Stacy Towar

"Doors opening for Flux5"

WEST VAIL - Local funk band Flux5 has played for all kinds of crowds. Dinner crowds. Crowds leftover from happy hour. Backs-to-the-stage crowds. But none compares to playing for a crowd with a hankering for the saxophone.

Thursday night Flux5, whose sound is centered around Dave Laub's sax, opened for Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at Levelz in Steamboat. They warm the audience for Karl D again Wednesday at Sherpa and Yeti's in Breckenridge and play a solo show tonight at Bagali's in West Vail. The opening gig is sure to crack open other opportunities for the band.

"It was definitely the coolest musical situation I have been in awhile. The biggest thing was to play in front of a crowd with an appreciation of the saxophone. People were going to hear Karl Denson's music, but people who like that kind of music also appreciate what we play," said Laub, who also teaches music at Vail Mountain School.

Flux5 is a dance-oriented funk band. They play old standard funk tunes, originals and jazz standards with a funk twist. It's a high-energy show, and they also feature vocalist Jenny Wagoner.

Members Laub, Andy Schmidt (keys), Matt Cheek (guitar), Steve Somek (bass) and Dave Nichols (drums) stepped it up a notch in Steamboat and were really playing as a unit, Laub said.

"It was a very educational experience getting to watch Karl Denson during sound check, rehearsing and seeing how they play off the crowd. They played a lot of tunes off their studio albums and it was interesting to see the difference when they played it live," said Laub.

Karl Denson's energy and how he chose music specifically to play to the crowd is something Laub has been trying to get across to the other members of Flux5. It's about playing for the moment.

"You can't deny that the crowd is part of your music experience. With our style of music, dance-oriented stuff, it becomes an integral part. You need to be in the same moment as a band. Karl Denson's band has it down," Laub said.

Flux5's reception was a positive one. People were coming up to the members and asking them to come back to Steamboat and asking them where they play regularly. Being associated with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe will definitely draw more people to Flux5's shows in the future.

The band plays at Bagali's in West Vail for a free show at 10:30 p.m. - Vail Daily- by Cassie Pence


Flux5 is hard at work recording their first full length CD. Four funky tracks from their 2003 studio demo, as well as a slew of live recordings are all available on the Flux5 website. The tunes Mack Fatty, Texture and a live version of Jaco's "The Chicken" recorded in Aspen, CO have all received airplay on radio stations in both Summit and Eagle counties.



flux. Flowing change.

funk(y). Earthy, danceable, gospel-influenced. Especially music with complex syncopations at the eighth- and sixteenth-note levels.

Flux5 made its debut in 2002 when bandleader Dave Laub, inspired by his first New Orleans Jazz Fest attendance, pieced together an experimental ensemble for exploring improvisational funk. While the early sounds of the band embraced a jazz approach, the raw energy and sheer excitement of the musicians showed audiences that not only could these guys play music, they could put on a good show. They soon became a popular fixture in the Vail music scene, and helped to usher in an era of a heightened caliber of local live music. This led to opening slots for sold out shows with big names in the funk-jam scene like Galactic, Vinyl and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. Famed New Orleans drummer, Stanton Moore (Galactic), invited Flux5 to be his backup band for a drum clinic in 2006, furthering their popularity with fans and fellow musicians alike.

As it goes for bands in transient mountain communities, musicians have come and gone over the years. Flux5 is currently at its tightest lineup to date, having played over 150 shows in the past two years. Their music has strayed from jazz and now incorporates the funky, syncopated, infectious grooves common to New Orleans funk bands like The Meters, Galactic, and Papa Grows Funk, as well as musical icons such as John Scofield, Medeski, Martin & Wood, and The Greyboy All-Stars. While Flux5 looks forward to the expansion of regional fans throughout Colorado, they are also eagerly anticipating tours to California, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah in 2008.

Flux5 is an independently managed and promoted band, with a focus on building a grassroots fan base and reaching broader audiences in the Western United States.

P.O. Box 2281
Avon. CO. 81620