Flux Cadence

Flux Cadence

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We are new and consider ourselves apart of the New School Movement. We bring something completely different to the table and when people look at us as a group they don't expect what we deliver!


Birdie Sawyer aka Sho-Nuff started perusing music in 1998. While attending Gainesville High School in Gainesville Georgia, Birdie joined the marching band and teamed up with two others and eventually created a hip hop group called 3000. Birdie started learning the process of producing and recording music and continued all through high school practicing the skills he learned from others in the same profession. After high school he joined a music organization called the Young American and was blessed to perform all over the world touring Germany, Japan, and most of the U. S. Birdie has performed and made a name for himself with his ability to dance. He moved to Maine in 2006 and years later met a girl name Brie aka Breezy and decided to teach her what he knows about the art of music creation and later created a group called Flux Cadence. They are currently working on their first EP and are excited to release something different to the hip hop world.


Breaking The Sound Barrier (In Production)