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"Flux Capacitor Article"

Originality and genuine love for the music: these are the two traits any band must possess in order to break through today’s cluttered music scene where a new act arises every two minutes. Reading’s Flux Capacitor has both in abundance. The three-piece outfit, comprised of Pete Specht on guitars and vocals, Sean Moran on bass, and Jason Specht on drums, keyboards, and backing vocals, combines a raw rock shred with ambient psychedelic effects and addicting, almost hypnotic singing. Throw in a high octane live show and thought-provoking lyrics (delving into topics as varied as a serious reflection of the world’s current affairs to dream states experienced by band members), and you have a hidden gem of a band that won’t stay hidden very long. Flux, which has been together for a little over a year, cites musical influences ranging from 70’s prog-rock prodigies King Crimson to legendary hard-edged stalwarts Led Zepplin as musical influences. The group’s appeal doesn’t stray from more “modern” bands however, as fans of U2 and Radiohead will easily fall into every one of the band’s 40-some-odd groove laden original tunes. While regular performers at Reading’s Brass Lantern and Northeast Taproom, Flux performs at various venues around Norristown, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and even New York City. The band has two singles under its belt (available from either their Myspace page or after a concert), but their current focus is their first full length CD, to be released in the near future. “We’re not trying to make a record that sounds like anything else,” says Pete Specht. “We have roots in the jam scene but feel that gets limiting when it comes to writing really meaningful tunes … by sticking to our vision we believe we will create a body of work that will remain forever young through time and prove prophetic in many aspects.”
- Kevin Newkirk

"Every once in a while the stars align"

by Ken Cavalier
Allure Media Entertainment

Every once in a while the stars align and something extraordinary happens. That was exactly the case at this past Thursday nights Live Performance Series presented by Ivory Productions at Puck Live in Doylestown, PA. The night started out with a couple of awesome local folk hero’s and an edgy acoustic rock performance by local favorites The Manatees. But the true essence of this show was yet to begin.

At 11PM the headliners for the evening, Reading based alternative rock jam band Flux Capacitor hit the stage. Every time I attend a Flux Capacitor show I know that I’m in for a unique musical treat. So I sat wondering just what kind of musical epiphany I was going to experience on this night. The room which was filled with soon to be new fans and of course their own loyal fans, lovingly known as Flux Heads, all eagerly waiting for what was to be another unparalleled performance from this exceedingly unique alternative band. They never disappoint and I quickly found out that this show was to be no exception.

The band began the set with a new song titled “August Day”, one that I had not previously heard. As always the new material was innovative and exciting. The transition into the second selection, a cut from their soon to be released full length album, from Flexitone Records, “They Know We Know”, entitled “Walk on Water” again had the crowd salivating for more. So they went on to one of my favorites “Million Faces”, also off of their upcoming album.

Anticipation mounted and accelerated as the completely engrossed crowd absorbed this musical extravaganza for the ears and eyes. By mid show, the performance would have had the crowd eating out of their hands if it was not for the fact that all of their hands were busy pounding out this stellar performance.

As if this exciting performance in and of itself wouldn’t have been enough, the band ended the set with what is undoubtedly my favorite song from this act “The Moth” from their new album. The riveting vocals and guitar work of Pete Specht kept the audience spellbound as the song ended with the interaction of their new music video for The Moth. The psychedelic and transformational storyboard in this video could not have been anymore apropos or depicting of the song and this uniquely talented rock band; A tasty treat and a very nice surprise.

One of the best and most exciting shows I’ve seen in a very long time. Flux Capacitor is in a word, the definition of excitement; a crowd favorite who never fails to be overwhelmingly well received. Highly recommended!
- Allure Media Entertainment

"Taking Us Back to a Better Time: The Sounds of Flux Capacitor"

Taking Us Back to a Better Time: The Sounds of Flux Capacitor

Among the hip-hop and bubblegum pop that seem to overwhelm today’s music scene, it’s rare to find a band that brings music “back to basics,” back to a time when rock and roll was at its purest – many would say its best – during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, when bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who ruled the scene. Watching Flux Capacitor perform their unique style of music during a recent performance at the Northeast Taproom, Reading, PA, reminded me of this golden era of rock.
But in no way are the skills of these four musicians basic. The vocals of lead singer and guitarist Pete Specht are commanding, as lyrics like “got to free our souls…cause now I am the moth” resonated throughout the room. Bassist Sean “fast fingers” Moran, as I have donned him, is amazing to watch. On tracks like “1,000,000 Faces,” it was hard to believe how fast his fingers moved up down his bass. Although he may be sitting behind Pete and Sean, drummer Jason Specht can not be overlooked. Nor can the youngest Specht brother Michael on synth and keyboards.
Flux’s medley of tracks span from energetic, upbeat songs like “1,000,000 Faces” to more mellow ballads like “Everything Is Happening.” And their fans love them all, as their loyal following sang along to every track. During the performance, the room was full of energy. Live musical performances, especially by original bands versus cover bands, are becoming more and more difficult to find these days. Catching a live performance by Flux was truly a musical blessing.
Named after the invention from the movie Back to the Future that was used to travel through time, there couldn’t be a more appropriate name for a band that makes you truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Maybe these four talented guys from Reading, PA, will be the ones to save rock and roll. We can only hope.

-- Kristin Kramer, freelance writer, Berks County Living - Kristin Kramer


Flux Capacitor:They Know We Know LP coming sooner than you think!

5/19/09 Street Date!



Flux Capacitor displays a
combination of rock, alternative,
psychedelic, and a touch of new wave,
in a sound that is reminiscent of the
psychedelic rock movement of the 60's and 70's.
Flux Capacitor has abandoned
all the rules of today's pop culture, and
decided to push the envelope. Their music
exhibits sounds of Cream, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead,
bundled up into their own unique blend of
genres unlike any other act in today's Rock
N Roll scene.

Their upbeat tunes are intelligently crafted
around lyrical tones of love, disdain,
sarcasm, hope, future, demise and the
unknown. They take their music very
personally and it shows in their dynamic
live performance. Suitably named "FLUX",
a synonym for the word exciting, this band
will push you over the edge and could quite
possibly change the way you view music

For more information on Flux Capacitor you can contact the bands representation by phone or email at
610-517-7916 (Sean) or visit their web site at: www.fluxcapacitorband.com and www.myspace.com/fluxhead