Flux Capacitors

Flux Capacitors


From across space and time comes the Flux Capicitors. Delivering a steaming load of slack-n-roll, pulsing rhythms, searing guitars, and lyric styling delinquent of Mom and Pops morals. Their catchy tunes will make you laugh and cry, leaving you thirsty for more. Get Fluxed!!


Flux Capacitors have only been together for 1 year and already they have made "head- way" in Seattle. The name: inspired by none other than the movie, "Back to the Future"; Their music: inspired by 80's rock and sweet cherry pie. It has been described by fans as "punk... but not really "punk", definitely rock and really original... it's a hard sound to describe... whatever it is... it rocks!"
Flux Capacitors just finished their CD titled "Slack to the Future" to be released early May. Their sound is refreshing and different. Get in the DeLorean, and get ready for a great
Sci-Fi adventure.


"Time Machine"
"Come Kitty"

"Space Sluts (from Outer Space)
"Kill Her Now"

KEXP 90.3 Seattle:
"Kill Her Now"