Flux Flux

Flux Flux


If the Police and a sleep deprived Rush got together for a nutmeg and oregano induced salsa jam it would sound like Flux Flux.


Flux Flux began almost 3 years ago in Portland, Oregon under the name Criminal Sperm. After a move to Boston, Massachusetts and a name change the band continues to keep writing and playing original music that is both sonically pleasing while always maintainting a fun rock vibe. The band plans on conquering the east coast club circuit with future aspirations of becoming a national/worldwide musical sensation. While currently hard at work on new material which will later be recorded this summer, Flux Flux plans on relocating to Brooklyn, NY this fall where they will continue mastering the art of rock.


Criminal Sperm 3 Song EP-2005
Boston Sessions 3 Song EP-2006

Set List

We are currently completing work on about 7 new songs at the moment. After they are finished we will record and and play the hell out of them on the east coast.