Fly Boy Clique

Fly Boy Clique

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopLatin

A twist between hip-hop, rap, latin and reggeatton a fuse that creates the unique sound of the Fly Boy Clique.


Fly Boy Clique a partnership established about 5 years ago and been hitting it hard for 4 years now. The Clique consisted of only two members which is Guapo a.k.a Fredy and Sick Rick a.k.a Ricky. These two individuals have creeped and invaded the streets and developed what is now today FBC Records and Sick Entertainment. With two different creative perspectives and ideas for music they have attacked and fused three different types of music from Latin, Rap and Hip-Hop to what is now the Fly Boy Clique style together they have created what you hear off there websites. Recently have signed 2 new artist to there labels which is FBC Records and Sick Entertainment and you will be hearing a lot bout them later in 2009. New artist are iLL Nino, and Pelon.....2 young talented artist hungry to take a bite out of the music industry! These 4 individuals with there unorthodox skill, metaphorical rhymes, lyrical verses, punch line kings and friendship they make up what is the Fly Boy Clique. The name got started by Guapo's younger brother Manny he created a crew of homies (friends) that had dress style, and those who were down for whatever came up and named themselves The Fly Boy's. The crew has spread like a epidemic disease all over Kansas City, Mo up to St. Louis and around state of Missouri and Kansas. What once was just a crew became a family of youngsters with style, swag, and looks makin up the word Fly. Make sure you keep a look out for the Fly Boy Clique because there coming up quick and aint stopping for no one or nothing. They've been leaving there tracks all around KC and for all those artist doing there thing watch out because there bound to take your mic, stage and crowd! Get the ring tones, spread the word, and HELP SUPPORT THE FLY BOY CLIQUE MOVEMENT!


We currently have over 30 songs and ringtones available for free download on sites such as Myspace, Myxer, iLike, Garageband, etc. Googling us is probably the easiest way to get our content. We released our first Demo which was self entitled "Fly Boy Clique" back in 2007 and since then have released several solo and group demos such as "My Way" by Guapo