Legend & Pharoh

Legend & Pharoh

 Union City, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Fly Boyzz a fresh new flavor to the Hip Hop Industry with style and lyrics to match. Not your every day duo, this group is bound to change the way things are done.


Fly Boyzz music is raw, honest and always real. Lyrical poets of the first order and future leaders in the Hip Hop Movement, Fly Boyzz lays it on the line, no-holds barred: "We are versatile and don’t go for the trendy commercial approach. What we do is classic rap music - no frills added."
"We were reaching out for a certain freedom of self-expression on our debut album. We went into making it with the attitude that it would be better than what's popular currently, that it would still have the sensibilities of what's popular but with more of a street edge," says Pharoh. Working with a cast of producers that include Shell Shocked Entertainment, Mozartt, and Sycarlos their debut album is sure to be a "SMASH". Pharoh and M.O.E., should not be counted out because of their age, their skills are demonstrated by masterminding the direction for WELCOME TO FLIGHT SCHOOL, their freshman release.
“We worked with some great people and our thing is if we are going to work together they had to have an understanding of where we’re coming from. Whatever you’re doing production wise has to coincide with what we’re saying musically and lyrically.” Fly Boyzz is looking forward to having longevity in this industry because they remain humble and understand where they are coming from as well as know where they are headed.
Pharoh and M.O.E are attendees of Creekside High School in Fairburn, GA and will graduate with class of 2012 and both plan to attend college.


Pop It
They Sayn
Love 4 My Haterz
Where I'm From
Every Time You See
Crazy on these Beats