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FlyeGhi Shaun

 New York City, New York, USA
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I Am The Return of Artistry to the culture of Hip Hop!


Who is FlyeGhi Shaun?

FlyeGhi Shaun is a Brooklyn, NY native who creates Music, Vision, and Sound. The self proclaimed G.O.A.T. is the leading artist on independent art & innovation label Planet Fli Music Group. He writes all and produces majority of the instrumentals selected for his projects. Over the past few months FlyeGhi Shaun has been rapidly accumulating an increase in following and fan base via the internet, and shows, many at legendary underground venues such as Public Assembly, Sob's, Southpaw, Sobé NYC, Bowery Poetry Club, and Tammany Hall to name a few. FlyeGhi Shaun’s current discography includes the six acclaimed mixtapes "ALL REAL NO FAKE" (self produced, composed, and written) and "THE BEAT JACKER VOL #1" both of which are downloaded heavily and played at local parties and events. His third mixtape "SOUR VS SOBER" which was released on 4/20 via His fourth and fifth mixtapes "PINK FEVER" and "LEAN ON ME". And his most recent release August of 2012 "THE VERSACE TAPE" which is probing to be the beginning of his breakthrough as an Artist.

FlyeGhi Shaun: " I want to lead the world with my art, and my music is a part of that. I want to introduce the lifestyle of fun and smooth sailing. That's what the whole OPFMG movement is about. PLANET FLI is the team and this is the style we portray- the style that I portray. We invite everyone to join us in the movement. The only things that are not tolerated are frowns and swaggerlessness."

Be on the lookout for FlyeGhi Shaun and his witty hip hop/experimental music and other upcoming projects in fashion and design.

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I. "ALL REAL NO FAKE" - 2,000 downloads and counting


III. "SOUR VS SOBER" - 4.000 downloads and counting

IV. "PINK FEVER" - 5,000 downloads and counting

V. "LEAN ON ME" - 10,000 downloads

VI. "THE VERSACE TAPE" - 25,000 downlo

Set List

Montana - FlyeGhi Shaun
Kush Heart, Swisha Brain - FlyeGhi Shaun
Tropicana - FlyeGhi Shaun
Young Tonight - FlyeGhi Shaun
I'm Gucci - FlyeGhi Shaun