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Flyer Gang is a Talented Unsigned Group from Nashville, Tn. They are the next big group to blow, and their fanbase is growing daily. Together they are some on the hardest workers, and their music is unique and lyrical. Djs from their city have said that they are the best thing smoking in the South. The Flyer Gang movement is very much alive, and the campaign towards a record deal is live and in effect.


Flyer Gang is a talented group of rap artists from Tennessee that include Phenom, Syko, Zero, and Philo Savage. This group now resides in Nashville Tennessee where they are a part of the elite Urban Hip Hop Scene. Flyer Gang has been covered in magazines such as Concrete Magazine, and many more online sites. Flyer Gang formed when Phenom, a member of the group discovered that his cousins also possesed some of the same musical talents that he had. Phenom had dropped two solo mixtapes before linking up with Flyer Gang that helped establish him as a local aritst who had a great flow, and untouchable style. Their first mixtape entitled "Thank God Im Fly" T.G.I.F was released in the Summer of 2011 and it received a lot of support from fans, and the Nashville Music Scence. Flyer Gang's latest mixtape entitled "#FreeKush" was released in the Summer of 2012 and it established them as a heavy hitter in the Nashville Hip-Hop Scene. Since the release of the mixtape Flyer Gang has been nominated for several different awards for the 2012 HHV Awards including Best Group, Best Mixtape "Flyer Gang - #FreeKush" and best song "Flyer Gang - RollModel". Flyer Gang continues to break records, and gain more supporters as they continue their journey to establish themselves in the music business. They hope to finally make their dreams come true in 2013, and become signed by a major label. Their music can be found on their official website, WeAreFlyerGang.Com


Flyer Gang - Thank God Im Fly "T.G.I.F" [2011]
Flyer Gang - #FreeKush [2012]