Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Imagine that perfect place...maybe it's your favorite chair. You settle in and are immediately enveloped in it's familiar comfort...and you breathe. That familiar, comfortable place is where you'll find yourself when you listen to the unique sound of flyfaith.


With their tight harmonies, these girls cross multiple genre lines with a sound that truly appeals to all ages.

The journey began in November of 2000 when God planted a seed of passion in the hearts of Liza and Cynthia. As founding members of flyfaith, God used Liza and Cynthia with other band members along the way to lead worship and play events for churches, conferences, coffee houses, camps, and retreats. That seed flourished into a friendship and ministry that has allowed flyfaith to carry God's message of love and hope from North America to Western Europe to East Asia …literally around the world. In June of 2007, while serving on a mission team comprised of musicians, Liza and Cynthia met Sarah Beth. Sharing the same passion for music, missions, and making a difference, the girls soon knew that God had ordained their friendship. Shortly, after returning from their mission trip, another band member had to leave the band due to growing family responsibilities. Understanding that God’s timing is always perfect, the girls invited Sarah Beth to join flyfaith.

Throughout the past three years, God has continued His great work in the lives of these girls. Fueled by their radical passion and the power of God’s presence in their lives, they have penned original songs and honed their instrumental and vocal skills to a new level. The completion of their new project, "All The Reasons Why," is hard evidence of faith in action and exemplifies the mountain-moving capabilities of the God who conquers all obstacles to fulfill His purposes. Missions, the willingness to GO and urgency to TELL the Gospel through music remains at the heart of all that flyfaith is and does.

The girls describe flyfaith as being a faith that is beyond everyday routine. It is a faith that allows us to FLY on wings, as eagles; to do things that can only be accomplished through God’s power. Cynthia, Liza, and Sarah Beth’s utmost desire is to live a life of extraordinary faith.

flyfaith places high priority on investing themselves in the lives of others not only through their music but through speaking at special events, mentoring, and filling volunteer leadership roles in their home churches. flyfaith is based in Nashville, TN.

To see a road log of where flyfaith has played, go to "Past Dates" located on the Calendar page.


Everything That Has Breath

Written By: Liza Romeo Bates

Let everything that has breath praise You
Everything that has breath worship
Everything that has breath lift Your name
For You, O God, are strong and mighty
You are Lord, You reign forever
Let everything that has breath praise Your name

For the new day that You have given us
For Your goodness and how You love us so much
Lord, You’re worthy to be lifted up
And we sing praise, we sing praise


For Your kindness and Your faithfulness
Lord, it’s in You, that we place our trust
You gave Your life to save us
And we sing praise, we sing praise


Lord, You never leave us and we know for sure
You will keep Your promises written in Your Word
Lord, we raise the banner, we all sing in one voice
We shout to the heavens, Your love endures


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Narrow Way

Written By: Sarah Beth Kerr

Oh, Lord I’m falling, but You are still calling
My soul is fading, but Your arms are waiting
Won’t you help me Lord?
I’m down on my knees, needing Your mercies
My soul has failed me, Your hand has held me.

Lord , You know where I am on this road with You.
I need You to hold my hand and keep me straight,
Won’t you keep me straight?

On this narrow way, I want to let Your light shine through me.
Narrow way, I want the world to see You truly.
Lord, please don’t let me stray from this narrow way.
From this narrow way.

Walking with You, Lord, is all my heart longs for.
I can’t understand why I’d wander.
It’s Your wings that I’m under.




From this narrow way...From this narrow way

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Written By: Liza Romeo Bates

I’m gonna praise You with my whole heart.
Before all others I will praise.
And I will worship You forever.
I’ll sing praises to Your name.
For in the days when I’ve cried out,
You always answered me.
And You have given me great strength,
To be bold and proclaim.

It’s because of You I’m livin’, livin’, livin’,
You rescued me.
It’s because of You I’m livin’, livin’, livin’,
A life that’s free.
If I had to do this on my own
I’d still be bound in chains.
But You have broken all of those
And now I’m livin’.

And all the earth will sing Your praises
When they hear You speak.
And they will sing of Your great ways,
How You raise up the meek,
And how You stretch out Your great hand
Against our enemy,
And how You show Your great mercy
To those that are weak.

Chorus 2X

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Was It Me

Written By: Sarah Beth Kerr

What in the world could have drawn You from Your throne
What in the world persuaded You to leave Your home
What in the world did You ache so much to hold
That You would clothe Your deity

What in the world convinced You to come down
To a dirty manger in a tiny little town
What in the world made You choose to become flesh
That You would feel pain and misery
Was it me
Was it me

What in the world led You to that garden scene
What in the world caused You to cry and sweat and bleed
What in the world nailed You to a hateful tree
That You would endure such suffering
Was it me
Was it me

You gave Your all, You counted every cost
Your life, Your love
Redemption for the lost

It was me...Me You came for, me You lived for
You did it all for me
It was me...Me You cried for, me You died for
You gave everything

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All The Reasons Why
Released June 1, 2010
Available on iTunes
Produced by Brent Hendrich, WestEnd Studio, Nashville, TN

Worship 101
Released June 15, 2004
Available on iTunes
Produced by Zach Runquist, Sound Resources Studio, Whites Creek, TN.

Set List

Set list is based on venue, ranging from 20 to 40 minutes. Longer sets will require a break /intermission. Sets are usually a mix of original and cover material, again, based on venue.


You Satisfy Me
Everything That Has Breath
I Knew You
Call Upon My Name
Can't Keep It
Narrow Way
Was It Me?
Streams In the Desert
Days Like This
Blessings in the Rain
Friend Beyond the End
Worthy of Worship


I Believe
One Voice
Come to Jesus
I Found You
You Are So Good to Me /with I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
Country Roads (for our friends in China and the Appalachians)

Worship Sets

flyfaith uses modern worship songs intertwined with progressive arrangements of traditional hymns in leading worship. Much care is given to planning, based on the characteristics of the event.