Fly Golden Eagle

Fly Golden Eagle

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Fly Golden Eagle is space-pop mixed with dance fever.


One morning when the Western part of the Northern Hemisphere was just beginning its customary trip around the Sun, four Interns meander through the opulent center of Capitol Square. As they pass through the shadow cast by the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Weirdness, people hustle to make lemonade offerings after an evening spent at the local Bingo Parlor.

They glanced to their left at what critics describe as a perfect scene: a voice unwarrantingly sweet was duplicated twelve times over by a stack of television sets from the window of the electronic store. It was a 24/7 Breaking News anchor excitedly talking about cartography and the latest advances in the field of News. He signed off with a meaningful smile that begged for no questions.

In that moment, the quiet, delicate substances of the imponderable began grinding between their teeth. Some things in life are too big and too magnificent to be accurately discussed with any precision, like summer, the cosmos, and Sprite. They are merely trying to occur, testing the old rotten floor of reality to see if it will hold them, but they quickly retract, fearing to lose their authenticity in the fraility of realization.

Thanks to 24/7 Breaking News, from then on, these four Interns have something to sing about.

Here's to mo' noise!

The last thing we need is another song. There are enough songs out there to last the rest of time.

In the future there will be machines called computers. They will make music and sing songs that humans can move to. Fly Golden Eagle is the present. Man and Machine's warm embrace. Sounds that bite, kick, pull, groove, soothe, and move ears and eyes alike. Tomorrow is not here yet, so today we will dance to the melodic sounds of the digital underground.

Nashville's own Fly Golden Eagle is an electronic/pop/garage band consisting of vocalist and guitarist Ben Trimble, keyboardist Mitch Jones, bass guitarist Rick Alessio, and drummer Richard Harper. Fly Golden Eagle is Majestico member Ben Trimble's attempt to create an equally cohesive ensemble of talented Tennessee artists. Trimble's ability to create familiar catchy rifs and addictive drastic beats surpasses current understanding of the power of the pop song. With astute candid lyrics and unabashed exuberance, Fly Golden Eagle is Nashville's foremost entity pushing this aesthetic. Fly Golden Eagle recently released a full length album Bore Us and are planning a tour of the west coast.



2009 - Boreus
2010 - The Island Galaxy EP