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Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Garage Rock




"Flying Ipis: Give Ipis A Chance (Album Review, 2013)"

Flying Ipis: Give Ipis a Chance

(Locked Down Entertainment, 2013)

Rating: 8/10

“Walang tunay na lalaki sa lumilipad na ipis.” (“There are no real men to a flying cockroach.”) We’ve heard this many times, if not experienced it firsthand. Indeed, an airborne roach can reduce the manliest of men (or anyone, for that matter) to a shrieking, flailing wimp in seconds, fearful and uncertain of its flight path.

This Flying Ipis, on the other hand, is not as repulsive, although it may have been difficult for this all-female quartet to get corporate gigs (or even proper management) at the start of their career because of their chosen moniker. Indeed, it’s hardly the most marketable band name that anyone could come up with (although it was inspired by an actual flying ipis that appeared in their rehearsal space), and it had to take winning the final In the Raw award at the 2010 NU107 Rock Awards (and getting substantial airplay for the song “Sssikreto”) to break Flying Ipis into the consciousness of local rock fans. Besides, who wouldn’t be curious enough to listen to a band with such a name? On the plus side, it helps that singer Deng Garcia, guitarist Ymi Sy, bassist Iris Jumao-as, and drummer Gaki Azurin exuded a strong individual and collective physical presence (in other words, they look good), they could play (rather well, I might add), and most importantly, they have strong tunes.

Thankfully, eight of these strong tunes have now been properly recorded and compiled on the cheekily-titled Give Ipis a Chance, and if you’ve been following Flying Ipis since 2010, then you would probably regard the band’s proper debut as the zenith of their musical capabilities. Every note on the album is confidently executed with the quartet’s gig-honed tightness and raw energy, polished with high-quality studio sheen. The latter quality may be a point of contention for longtime fans, but catchy live favorites like “Sssikreto” (masterfully rearranged for this disc) and “This Song is About You” are made even better with proper production, multiple guitar overdubs and all. It certainly helps “Over and Over Again,” a surprisingly poppy number that lacks the characteristic vitriol of more well-known staples like “Past is Past, Bitch” or the heavy, spokenword-inflected “Hindi ‘Yan Totoo.” Musically, the band has expanded its range beyond the Gossip-esque dance/garage rock that defined their early material, and while this doesn’t help the record’s cohesiveness at certain points, it clearly shows that Flying Ipis is ready for a wider audience apart from the punk purists and riot grrrl wannabes that frequented the band’s earlier shows.

Don’t wait for this Flying Ipis to land on you. Get the record and catch them live. - Pinoytuner Dig Radio

"Flying Ipis - Give Ipis A Chance (Album Review, 2013)"

Few all-girl bands have managed to be as brilliantly energetic live, whatever the format, while showing off some interesting musicianship. This is the case with Flying Ipis, whose album Give Ipis A Chance was released less than a month ago. I have seen them do gigs in all sorts of contexts, whether at a literary festival at the heart of Greenbelt, or an acoustic gig at Shift during an exhibit opening street party. (The latter had the unintended benefit of making the lyrics a little more intelligible, and giving familiar songs an interesting twist as a result.)

For me, then, my question with Give Ipis A Chance is whether a great live band would translate well to recorded form. In general, this is a good distillation of the music they have been playing live lately, highlighting the way their lead singer Deng Garcia gives voice to stories of love, loss, and finding the nerve. The album is produced by the same team responsible for one of my favorite albums of the year so far, Sunday Kodama, and what they have achieved is an album that can play well even through the least suitable sound system. (They live-recorded the album, which works for bands of their sort.) Technically, the album does not sound a false note, showing how years of playing live has kept their craft fresh.

This is an album that is “best with headphones,” because of some of the little details that will only make sense in stereo. For instance, one of my favorite songs, “Past is Past, Bitch!” a song that usually ends their live sets, features the voices of jilted lovers reacting to the song, apparently on the phone. This was a detail that I enjoyed, but for some would be unnecessary, and I would understand why. On a crappy sound system, as with the one I’m using at the moment, it can be a distraction. On stereo, it works better.

But the best moment of this album for me remains the full-length version of “This Song Is About You,” a tune which was first recorded live (in a truncated form) for the soundtrack of 2012’s Ang Nawawala. The song became earworm thanks to its use in the film’s short trailer which played repeatedly at the CCP; but here, it becomes exactly the kind of performance I have come to expect from the band. It is a straight-up, hard rocking song that one can dance to. On the other hand, their new track for this album “LDR” is still something I have to come to grips with, and is not as strong a track as the others, yet.

I do think they still are great live, and this recording is a fine way of introducing people to this interesting act. Minor quibbles aside, I think this is a good contribution to our growing list of local indie albums, and I look forward to seeing how other acts who are great live can get away with sounding great on record. B

The album is presently available at Flying Ipis’s gigs. - Vandals On The Wall

""I LOVE FLYING IPIS!" shares EMILY HAINES of METRIC during the concert (2013)"

"I love Flying Ipis. I want to take them on the road forever!," said Emily of the Canadian New Wave band Metric during their concert last night. No we're not talking about the actual flying ipis, we're talking about the local band which was their opening act. "Ipis... did I say it right? I know it's a cockroach!I'm in the know you guys!," Emily reacted when the crowd cheered at her comment.

Those were only some of the few things the band said when they had a chance. Most of the time the band fell silent, focusing on playing music for their beloved crowd. Track after track, the band wowed the crowd. Metric didn't say much but they did play a lot. They embraced the dead air that filled the venue and took it as an opportunity to prepare for their next track.

Anne Curtis, Erwan Heussaff and Nicole Anderson are only some of the celebrity attendees of the event. Other fans came in with their signs and posters as early as 6 o'clock in the evening in order to be able to secure a good view on the floor and on the balcony. They sang along and chanted every lyric the band threw at them. Metric got to serenade their fans and followers with songs like "Black Sheep," "Help I'm Alive," and "Gimme Sympathy," to name a few. By the time the concert was over, VIP ticket buyers got the chances to mix and mingle with the band at the after party.

Wish you were there? Check out our photos from the event! - MYX Philippines

"Flying Ipis - This Song Is Not About You (Song Review, 2015)"

The latest offering from Flying Ipis is a remarkable collision of the quartet’s well-known manic sound – both on stage and in the studio – and dangerous, come-hither charm – a result so palpable in ‘This Song Is Not About You’, it pounds through the skin. Its most forthright credit arguably goes to Ymi Castel’s ominous guitar riffs, a less cathartic version to its predecessor ‘This Song Is About You’, but with more sensual frenzy apt for a catwalk – as the band intended. But for all its tenacity, the riffs did not upstage the rest of song’s elements, with the rhythm section more than capably providing a solid structure and pace for the beat, both the bass and drums making their presence felt steady, but pronounced. Even Deng Garcia’s voice is feverish, almost restrained, singing the reprise with daring and a little bit of mischief. ‘This Song Is Not About You’ resembles not much of Flying Ipis’ past work (with the exception of ‘Sssikreto’ and its gratifying bass lines), although their sound and charm, as described above, are invariably embedded to their band identity that it further highlights a stronger balance between their brazen musicality and empowered sexuality. (Mary Christine Galang) - Vandals on The Wall

"The Ipis Has Landed: Flying Ipis Live in Singapore (Performance Review, 2015)"

The roaches were out in full force Saturday evening at the BluJaz Café, and everybody inside was screaming.

Flying Ipis, whose moniker (“ipis” is Filipino for cockroach) conjures up visions that are the stuff of nightmares, played their first gig out of the Philippines to a raucous Singapore crowd who were quite obviously blown away by the music and energy the indie rock quartet brought to bear.

Made possible by Requiem Rising (who have steadily been bringing over some of the best acts this side of the South China Sea to play in Singapore) and Locked Down Entertainment, the night’s gig featured a trio of Filipino opening acts, all of who are based here. Narcloudia opened the show to a moody dreampop set with hints of the brooding soundscapes of post-rock. Perhaps not coincidentally, the band is friends with Singaporean post-rock outfit ANECHOIS, who performed for Narcloudia’s EP launch this January. They ended the night with “Howl”, a haunting new song that was very well-received by the crowd.

Next up were the Dead Macoys, who kicked things up a notch with their own brand of reggae-infused punk rock. Together with the groovy tunes belted out by next band, ska outfit Lupa and the Superstars, the two acts served to whet the anticipation of everyone there for the headlining act.

Let me tell you this, Flying Ipis are an incredible band to catch live. The band wasted no time after their soundcheck and immediately launched into full-on attack mode with “Huminga Ng Malalim”, a rousing rock song that ironically tells the viewer to “take a deep breath and let your emotions rest.” Even from the start, I knew I was going to be in for one hell of a night. The band played through their entire album plus a couple of new songs and a great, full-bodied cover of Tegan and Sara’s “Closer”.

Flying Ipis songs are full of angst and raw emotion, the lyrics personal and relatable, imbued with a powerful rock sound all throughout. Their songs are meant to be blasted at full volume, or better yet, listened to live with the band going at it in full force. Songs like “Lundagin Mo, Beybi!” hit those extra notches of power when belted out in a dimly-lit bar by diminutive singer Deng’s what-is-the-opposite-of-diminutive vocal chops. You can hear the depth of emotion in every word as she enunciates each word of “Past Is Past, Bitch!” Drummer Gaki, whom the half-deaf crowd endearingly called “Jackie” for much of the night, drives the band’s live sound with her frenetic beats, accompanied by Tanya’s bass and Yimi’s sick guitar riffs.

And the crowd loved them. By the middle of their set, most of the audience were on their feet screaming and hollering in appreciation of the Ipis. A man wearing the band’s tee shouts, “I love you!” as the band finishes a scintillating set, perfectly capped off by an encore performance of “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, one of the seminal rock songs by Filipino greats The Eraserheads.

“The crowd was awesome!” Deng enthuses after the show. “Chinatown was great!” “We love spicy food!” “I like it hot!” It was quite apparent that that Flying Ipis was on cloud nine (yes, I went there) post-show, especially as this marks the band’s first gig outside the Philippines. Will we be seeing them touring around the region in the coming months? They’re currently working on a new EP, but if this gig is any indication, they’re ready and raring to embark on a longer Asian tour soon.

Prepare your tsinelas, the Flying Ipis has been unleashed. - Bandwagon PH

"Hear A Track from Flying Ipis' Upcoming Full-Length Album (Song Review, 2015)"


What I love most about Flying Ipis is that they are not afraid tobreak out of cute and cuddly comfort zones. Safe to say, they are one of the most interesting bands to watch right now ---- there is a sense of playfulness to them that tempers their often angry sound and their authenticity Is electric. This Song Is Not About You is actually one of my favorite songs from them because it's such a relatable theme caught perfectly in song--- mood, tone and sound. Pure sonic bliss. - Karen Vizcarra Virrey - Radio Republic

"Flying Ipis: Give Ipis A Chance (2013) - Award-winning Album Packaging"

John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” was the main inspiration for local band Flying Ipis’ album packaging. A revolutionary-like style is seen in the album’s design as nuclear bombs and missiles take the album’s major look. The four cockroaches represent the four girl members of the band as it is matched by a strong and iconic logo. - Team Manila

"Japandroids in Manila: Burning Down the House (2012)"

The calm during the storm (or something like it)

A day before the Japandroids show, the rainfall in Metro Manila was insane. Overnight, the typhoon went crueler and I was worried if the event would still push through (that among a lot of more pressing things).
I texted Joff Cruz of Kindassault to ask about the event’s status and he informed me that the band just checked in their hotel.
Nevertheless, the rock show must go on. So after some dilly-dallying, I temporarily brushed off my worries, braved the freezing tap water, and got ready to leave the house.
Fortunately, our best friends are also going to see the show. Thanks to them and their car, we safely drove from the semi-farthest south of Manila and we arrived at the venue just on time.
A few people were already waiting at Hard Rock’s door. Everybody, including us, was dressed in jackets and high-cut boots and giddy smiles were plastered on our faces.
My partner photographer and I went inside to grab our passes. It took quite a while before they let people in so everyone’s excitement grew immensely.
Flying Ipis was the night’s only front act band. They may be an all-female group but what they lack in testosterone made up with girl power. They stirred up the crowd with their angst-coated kick-ass songs.
After they played, everyone was a lot more eager to see Japandroids play.

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"Flying Ipis to Conquer SXSW (2016)"

Flight of the Roaches: Flying Ipis to Conquer SXSW
by Joey Dizon
February 17, 2016
It doesn’t seem too long ago when a group of young girls just, er, wanted to have fun. Barely out of high school—a Catholic high school with the usual strict rules and policies about its female students having way too much fun—the quartet wasted no time in making a name for itself as a formidable live act, playing highly-charged sets of garage punk alongside established musicians, as well as catching the attention of industry pundits and critics. In no time, they bagged the prestigious In the Raw award from the now-defunct rock station NU107, and have been a regular fixture from the most happening club gigs to the bigger music festivals and events, having opened for international acts like Japandroids and Metric, and were also named as Pinoytuner’s Best Live Act last year at the Jack Daniel’s Onstage Awards, where they also took home the bacon in the Best Song and Best Recording departments.

And just when things can’t seem to get any better, it was during a fateful mid-December evening last year when they finally got the confirmation that they were invited to play the annual South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Celebrating its 30th year this 2016, SXSW is a six-day event held every March, and is a conference that aims to educate and inspire musicians and professionals, granting them access to ideas and global viewpoints “on an increasingly borderless industry” (as on the conference’s official site), attended by over 30,000 registrants and artists—ranging from the unsigned, the independent, and even the most popular and iconic acts from all over the world—a big fraction of whom performing during the evenings.

And Flying Ipis will be joining this hallowed company and proudly representing the country this year.

Composed of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Deng Garia, guitarist Ymi Castel, bassist Tanya Singh, and drummer Gaki Azurin, the quartet is currently in the process of raising funds for their upcoming trip to Austin. Needless to say, even though the Philippine local independent scene is healthier than ever when it comes to the number of independent bands all trying to get a piece of the pie, it has also been in a weird rut of sorts, making finances a little more challenging to come by.

But with the band’s determination and know-how in doing what they do best on and off the stage, they’re maximizing their ingenuity, and, through local Filipino crowdfunding site Artiste Connect, have also begun raising money for their airfare, visas, lodging, and transportation. Slowly but surely, the donations have been coming in.

And tonight, you can help make their dreams come true, as Flying Ipis will be joined by their comrades in Read Between the Lions, The Buildings, Slow Hello, and Squid 9 at the famed 12 Monkeys Music Hall in Makati. For those feeling generous and would like to find out how to contribute further, there will be an Artiste Connect booth at the venue that attendees may approach. There are also two more benefit gigs on February 24 at B-Side, and on March 4 at Café saGuijo.

We at Pinoytuner bid these gals good luck!

To learn more, friends can log on to the band’s Facebook page, and go directly to the Artiste Connect page here.

Watch their exlclusive Pinoytuner performance of “This Song is Not About You” below. - Pinoytuner

"These Roaches are Flying to the SXSW (2016)"


By: Penelope P. Endozo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
04:00 AM February 19th, 2016

GIVE IPIS A CHANCE. Flying Ipis will perform in South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival in March, as well as in two Filipino communities in Texas and California. (From left) Tanya Singh, Ymi Sy, Deng Garcia and Gaki Azurin are only the third Filipino band to play for SXSW, an international gathering formusic, film and digital arts.
GIVE IPIS A CHANCE. Flying Ipis will perform in South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival in March, as well as in two Filipino communities in Texas and California. (From left) Tanya Singh, Ymi Sy, Deng Garcia and Gaki Azurin are only the third Filipino band to play for SXSW, an international gathering formusic, film and digital arts.

These roaches are flying all the way to Austin, Texas, for the South by South West (SXSW) Music Festival, one of the largest annual roundups of the music world.

Flying Ipis, an all-girl punk rock band, is the only Filipino band to make it to the SXSW roster this year, and only the third band since indie rock group Taken By Cars in 2012 and electronic rock duo Turbo Goth in 2014.

The rock quartet, comprised of Deng Garcia (lead vocals), Ymi Sy (guitar), Tanya Singh (bass) and Gaki Azurin (drums), took on a cheeky name, Flying Ipis (roaches), playfully suggesting that everyone gets on their feet when it comes out. The girls hope that the recall on the household pest will help turn them into a household name.

The months leading to summer mean a string of festivals in the country, with GoodVybes Music Festival happening on Feb. 20, Malasimbo Island Festival on March 3, Wanderland Festival on March 5 and Summer Siren Festival on April 8.

While many foreign acts such as Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, Passion Pit, Stars, Chvrches and others are coming for gigs in the Philippines, Flying Ipis is headed to SXSW for the indie equivalent of a weeklong US tour on March 11-20.

“It’s a huge break when a Filipino band represents the country in the international scene. We don’t get to do that often—and it’s not for lack of talent—because there are a lot of great bands here,” says Deng.

That’s also why most of the international gigs are self-initiated, says Deng. In the case of Flying Ipis, the group applied and was chosen from among the thousands of bands who signed up in SXSW, a yearly music, film and digital art festival that attracts up to 85,000 registrants from 85 countries.

Flying Ipis has been on the music circuit since April 2009, regularly playing their own takes and covers of rock songs. It wasn’t long before they debuted their own brand of music in the local circuit with “The Flying EP” in the same year.

Former angsty grrrl band

It’s hard to reconcile that this loud, angsty grrrl band was originally formed in the halls of an all-girl Catholic high school in 1995. When Deng, Gaki and former bassist Iris Jumao-as were asked to play during their high school reunion, the get-together proved their chemistry onstage was still intact despite leading separate lives in college.

So, they got back together and took the plunge.

In need of a new guitarist, they held an audition and found Ymi Sy, whose riffs echo that from the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, The Kills and Gossip. In time, Iris had to leave and was replaced by bassist Tanya Singh, who used to go behind the scenes as talent promoter before playing onstage with then bands Pancheta and Your Imaginary Friends.

The strong contrast of rock played by otherwise quiet girls is hard to miss. Early on, they won NU 107’s “In The Raw Award” in 2010; and Favorite Live Act Band, Best Song and Best Recording in the 2015 Jack Daniels On Stage Awards.

The band has also opened for international acts such as Metric, Japandroids and Kimbra. They have become crowd-drawers for local rock fests and festivals, notably the Oktoberfest, Fête de la Musique and the Jack Daniels Indie Fest.

Their songs also continue to top in radio rankings, peaking on Jam 88.3’s “Weekly Countdown” segment and featured in the first all-OPM release on vinyl record, “Fresh Filter.”

Flying Ipis joined LockedDown Entertainment, where they released their first full-length album, “Give Ipis A Chance,” in 2013. The album included crowd favorites, “Sssikreto” and “Past is Past, B*tch!” while “This Song Is About You” was part of the soundtrack for the award-winning Cinemalaya film “Ang Nawawala.”

Ambassadors of reading

The garage punk rock girls may have preferred genres to play, but their fans reveal a rather diverse following. While they are endorsers of the lifestyle clothing brand Team Manila, they are also ambassadors of reading for the National Book Development Board. The girls were also featured in “Tibok ng Utak” by graphic artist Manix Abrera, while their “Give Ipis A Chance” album design by Team Manila was a bronze winner in the 2014 Adobo Awards.

The girls, who started with heavy metal covers, have found their voice and are on a roll for their second album, “The Roach Motel,” to be released this year. Deng says they already have seven songs on the lineup and a few bonus tracks on the way.

Deng, who stands as the ringleader of the band, writes most of the songs, while Ymi, Gaki and Tanya take turns interpreting it until they agree to its final note. They meet on weekends at Gaki’s home studio, dubbed the Roach Den.

“Most of the songs turn out very different from the raw material,” says Gaki, “but everyone contributes.”

Listening to the first album gives away the theme, including how real heartbreaks sound: loud, harsh but offering wisdom between the lines.

“The first album was somehow angry,” Deng says. “The new one is moody, more like grunge rock.”

“We try to experiment. Maybe our personal tastes also show in our work,” adds Ymi.

The same can be said of their high-energy performances. The girls build up long intros like a wall of noise that they themselves break after every song, with the ruckus of their own creation.

The road to SXSW was paved with challenges. As indie musicians, the girls lead double lives, working day jobs without halting their love for music. Deng is a filmmaker, Gaki is a fitness trainer, Ymi works as an IT developer, and Tanya is a business manager for a tech firm.

“It takes a lot of sleepless nights—a lot of vitamins—to do what we love to do,” shares Deng.

The band is setting up a three-part fundraising campaign to help them land in Texas. They will play at B-Side Makati on Feb. 24 and conclude with a send-off party on March 4 at Saguijo, Makati. They also accept pledges in exchange for freebies at

Read more:
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"All-girl garage punk band Flying Ipis heading to Texas’ SXSW music fest (2015)"

Published December 18, 2015 4:04pm

Hindi na ito, Sssikreto! A Filipino band is heading to South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Texas, United States in 2016.

Flying Ipis, an all-girl indie garage punk band, announced on their Facebook page that the SXSW organizers accepted their application and invited them to perform for the music conference and festival to be held on March 15-20, 2016 in Austin.

SXSW is an annual set of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences since 1987. It has been noted as a "destination for discovery" since it showcases fresh acts from all over the world.

Flying Ipis' vocalist Deng Garcia told GMA News Online that she sent their application to the SXSW organizers in October after the group got "frustrated" for not getting a chance to play in any international festival.

"I suddenly remembered SXSW, so I googled, and saw that their application was ending in two weeks! So, sakto! I thought that it was a sign," she said.

On December 7, Flying Ipis received a email saying they bested other thousands of bands from all over the world to perform at SXSW.

However, Garcia noted that the journey does not end there. She and her bandmates guitarist Ymi Sy, bassist Tanya Singh, and drummer Gaki still got a long way to go to make it to Texas and asked fans and supporters to help them raise funds.

"We still have a lot of papers to submit, visas to file, and FUNDS TO RAISE, but, with your generous help and loving support, we are positive that we will achieve one of our band-dreams in performing at the SXSW next year," the band's Facebook post said.

Flying Ipis is behind the hit songs "Past is Past!", "Lundagin Mo, Beybi!", and "Over and Over Again". The quartet's latest single is "This Song is Not About You".

—KG, GMA News

For more details on Flying Ipis' journey to SXSW and ways to help the band, visit their Tumblr page.
- See more at: - GMA News Online

"All-girl band Flying Ipis to represent PH at music festival in Texas (2016)"

By JC Ansis, CNN Philippines
Updated 16:33 PM PHT Wed, February 17, 2016

Filipino band Flying Ipis will perform at the South by Southwest music festival in Texas on March 18.
Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Filipino all-girl band Flying Ipis will represent the Philippines at the upcoming South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas from March 11 to 20.

Flying Ipis is set to rock the SXSW stage on March 18.

They are the third Filipino band that has been invited to play at SXSW. The first two Filipino acts who have previously performed at the music festival are Turbo Goth and Taken By Cars.

SXSW is an annual event held in Texas which aims to educate and inspire musicians. It is seen as a "premier destination for discovery" because the festival showcases around 2,000 musical acts from all over the globe.

Flying Ipis bassist Tanya Singh, who spoke on behalf of the band, told CNN Philippines they are looking forward to their SXSW stint.

"We're very excited to go there... it's our first gig in the U.S.," said Singh. "We'll play our original songs. Hopefully we can perform two Tagalog songs."

She said that the band is fortunate to have been chosen as one of the thousands of bands who will perform at the SWSX.

Singh added that this opportunity might eventually lead to more gigs and bookings for the band in the U.S.

Raising funds for the trip
The indie garage punk band, along with their manager, is scheduled to leave for Texas on March 10.

However, they will need to come up with around P400,000 to cover their expenses, including visa processing fees and transportation costs, and allowances that they might need for the trip.

To help them cover the target amount, the group will stage a series of fund raisers in three venues:

February 17 - 12 Monkeys: Pledge Night
February 24 - BSide: People Power Gig
March 4 - Saguijo: Send-off party
Other bands, such as The Buildings, Read Between the Lions, Slow Hello, and Squid 9, will also perform at the fund-raising events.

Singh also said members of the Filipino community in Texas have reached out and are willing to provide any help during their stay there.

Fans of the band and people who would want to donate to the band's cause can log on to

Aside from Singh, the other members of Flying Ipis are Deng Garcia (lead vocals), Ymi Sy (guitar), and Gaki Azurin (drums).

They broke into the local music scene in 2010 and released a full-length album in 2013.

Over the course of their music career, they have produced several hits: "Past is Past,B----!" "Lundagin Mo, Beybi," "Sssikreto," and "This Song is Not About You."

The band announced the news that they would be performing at the SXSW music festival in December 2015.

JC Ansis - CNN Philippines


1. The Flying E.P. (2009) - First E.P. release

  • Sssikreto
  • The Drive Song
  • Uh Oh No
  • After "I Love You"
  • Past is Past, Bitch!
2. "The Dawn" Tribute Album (2011)
  • Babaeng Mahiwaga (Mysterious Lady) - cover
3.  "Ang Nawawala" (What Isn't There) (2012) OST
  • This Song is About You
4. Give Ipis A Chance (2013) - First Full Length Album release
  • Huming ng Malalim (Take a Deep Breath)
  • Sssikreto (Secret) - new arrangement
  • Over and Over Again
  • This Song is About You
  • Hindi Yan Totoo! (You Lie!)
  • Lundagin Mo, Beybi! (Take A Leap, Baby!)
  • Past is Past, Bitch! - new arrangement
  • LDR
5. This Song is Not About You (2015) - Single



Flying Ipis is an all-girl, garage punk rock quartet hailing from Manila, Philippines. Composed by Deng Garcia on vocals/guitars, Ymi Castel on guitars, Tanya Singh on bass, and Gaki Azurin on drums, the band’s notoriously cheeky name ("ipis" = "cockroach" in English) endeared them and their music to rising cult status. Originally formed in the corridors of an all-girl, Catholic high school, Flying Ipis debuted their music in the local circuit with The Flying EP in 2009.


In 2011, Flying Ipis formally joined LockedDown Entertainment, where they released their first full-length album, Give Ipis A Chance (2013) – which included their widely acclaimed singles, ‘Sssikreto’ and ‘Past is Past, Bitch!’ A cut from the same album, ‘This Song Is About You’ was a part of the soundtrack for the multi-awarded Cinemalaya film, Ang Nawawala. They have been featured by several print and online publications (PULP, STATUS, Meg, Clavel, Mabuhay Magazine) and music websites (PinoyTuner, Radio Republic, Amplify,ph,, Vandals On The Wall) and is an endorser of local lifestyle and clothing brand, Team Manila.

Among their growing list of accolades include the NU 107’s “In The Raw Award” in 2010; and Top 3 Band, Favorite Live Act Band, Best Song, and Best Recording in the 2015 Jack Daniel’s On Stage Awards. Their songs also continue to rank on radio charts, peaking at top spots on Jam 88.3’s ‘Fresh Filter’ and ‘Weekly Countdown’ segments.


Known for their infectiously, borderline dangerous, energy on stage, Flying Ipis successfully and consistently translates the palpable mania of their music from the studio to an audience of ranging scale. The band has opened for international acts Japandroids and Metric, played for local school fairs and music festivals, notably the Oktoberfest, Fete de la Musique, and the Jack Daniel’s Indie Fest. More recently, Flying Ipis was part of the gigantic South by Southwest Music, Film and Interactive Conferences and Festival 2016 in Austin, Texas, proudly representing Asia and The Philippines, and creating waves of support from all kinds of audiences locally and internationally.

Flying Ipis continues their salvo of anthems that greatly project their empowered sexuality, grit, and rock prowess as they gear up for the release of their second album, The Roach Motel, in mid 2016.

So get crazy, let your hair down, and open old wounds with the manic girls of Flying Ipis.

*updated on April 2016*

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