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""Flying At Hendon""

"Flying At Hendon is a Death/Thrash band from my home state of New Jersey and this is a four song demo that's spent considerable time in my cd player. It's some good thrashy Death unlike most of the dime-a-dozen screaming Metalcore crap that you hear way too much of. In the twenty seven years I've spent going to shows on the east coast, there is less than a handful of bands from Jersey that I've ever liked. Jersey has always freakin' rocked, but they've never given me anything in the form of home grown bands to brag about except THE man, Bobby Blitz (Overkill).

I ran into a couple of guys from the band at a Cannibal Corpse show at The Stone Pony and they hooked me up with the demo. They opened the GWAR show here a month ago, but I didn't get to see them. Wish I did. The demo was recorded in their basement and I had just seen the heaviest band in Deathmetal in a tiny club, but it sounded awesome in my car on the way home. It kicked ass. I was surprised to hear some good ass-kicking death /thrash. Jersey Death/Thrash!!! Fuck yeah! The NJDM scene lived a short life and spawned Beyond The Flesh, but that's about it. This is promising. The vocals are Black Dahlia style, screaming on top of growling, and the drumming is furious. All four tracks kick ass. Blast beating death and groovy, thrashy guitars. F**k yeah. Good kick butt leads throughout, too. Damn good to hear it. Damn pissed I missed them at the GWAR show. Heard they're real energetic. Good to hear some heavy shit that isn't ruined by mixing in hardcore. Can't wait to hear them get in a studio. Basement sounds pretty good. I'm a home grown 44 year old Jersey metalhead. This makes me happy." - Harm Magazine


Self Titled 2007 demo
Violent Fallout EP (2005)
Self Titled demo (2004)



Over the last six years we have worked hard to get ourselves off the ground as a band. We have ben booked all over the east coast, at clubs like Starland Ballroom, The Stone Pony, Crocodile Rock Cafe, CBGB's, The Chance Complex,and countless others. With every show our fan base grows as we bring more and more people back into the metal community. In our time we have had the opportunity to open up for such national acts as Walls Of Jericho, Municipal Waste, The Red Chord, GWAR, A Life Once Lost, Ed Gein, Three Inches Of Blood, Gaza, Kittie, In This Moment, Genghis Tron, See You Next Tuesday, Malevolent Creation, Cattle Decapitation, Vader, Cradle Of Filth, Abigail Williams, Light This City, Veil of Maya, and more.