Flying Balalaika Brothers

Flying Balalaika Brothers

 Austin, Texas, USA

FBB will bring you to the exciting musical journey compares and contrasts the rich musical heritage and traditions of two cultures, with an innovative artistic fusion of music annotations and interpretation.


The Flying Balalaika Brothers, originally from Russia, made their debut in the United States in 1995. These virtuoso musicians combined their classical training with folk traditions, creating a sensational interest in their unique blend of musical styles. Presenting their music to local and regional festivals (Gilroy Festival, Sawdust Festival, Valencia Street Market, Pecan Street Festival, Music Under the Stars, Kerrville Folk Festival), they were soon invited to perform in concert halls around the nation. The Flying Balalaika Brothers have toured internationally, sharing their unique blend of Russian folk and classical music influenced by American bluegrass and innovative acoustic music. Between touring and performing, they began successfully presenting educational programs in several languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Ukranian, Portugese) to students of both public and private schools in Texas, celebrating the arts in all its diversity by providing a unique approach to studying both the profound similarities and distinctive differences of people throughout history and around the world.


1. Kuma - Live CD
2. Op, Op, Romale - CD

Set List

45- 55 min sets depending on the gig,
Mostly original music we play some old time favs