Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen

Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Currently nominated for a 2012 JUNO in Aboriginal Album of the Year, Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen blend traditional Algonquin chanting with globetrotting dancefloor mixology. This style is brand new, and the future sound of Canada.


Rise Ashen and Flying Down Thunder deliver a new and unique sound, sharing Algonquin language and chanting through Indigenous and urban electronic music. Honouring Aboriginal culture through collaborative composition, One Nation is a fusion of the traditional Pow-wow sounds of Flying Down Thunder's Algonquin heritage and the dance-music wanderlust that Rise Ashen brings to the night club. Spanning afro, deep house, nu jazz and breaks, these tracks become rolled into Pow-wow. This style is brand new, and the future sound of Canada.

Typically known as the capital of Canada, Ottawa is Algonquin land. It was appropriated by English and French settlers in a dispute that still remains unresolved. Mainstream media presents very little information about the founding people of Canada. This album reminds us of the history of our home, and of the original Anishinabe care-takers of this land. One Nation features contributions from William Commanda, Hereditary Chief from the Algonquin Nation, and from medicine man, Alo White. The heartbeat of aboriginal culture continues beating in Pow-wows and on dance floors around the world.
Rise Ashen and Flying Down Thunder met on Ottawa's frozen Rideau Canal and have been pollinating One Nation ever since. It was important for the pair to create music which was truly an amalgam, true to both the underground club sound and the traditional vocal style of the Anishinabe. Through engaging in the composition arts we are keeping the traditional sounds fresh and new, while respecting the roots of Anishinabe music.
Originally from the Long Point First Nation in Quebec, Canada, singer,
composer and producer, Kevin Chief (aka Flying Down Thunder) now makes his home in Ottawa. Chief is a respected pow-wow singer and traditional dancer from the Algonquin Nation. Kevin has performed at Canadian national events, across Europe and in China. His inspiration for music comes from the words of his elders. Anishinabe people, he was told, needed to build a bridge between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal, as we learn to understand one another. Through music, Kevin shares the love of his Aboriginal culture to others.
Producer, Musician, DJ and Dancer Eric Vani (Rise Ashen) has devoted his life to the study of sound and movement, applying hi-fi knowhow to underground music. Focusing on nu-jazz, breaks and house, as a DJ, he mashes and blends it with traditional and popular music from across the globe. Rise Ashen has collaborated with Juno award winners Kellylee Evans & Miguel Graca as well as Fred Everything, Trevor Walker, Jojo Flores, Blissom and many others.


One Nation - CD/digital - Balanced Records 2012