Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers

Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Winnipeg’s favorite gypsy-folk-orchestral outfit, Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers feature original rock operas, old style crooning and a killer brass section.


Winnipeg’s favorite gypsy-folk-orchestral outfit, Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers feature original rock operas, old style crooning and a killer brass section. Their unique blend of folk, pop, jazz and classical music has been described as 'Hawksley Workman meets Calexico' and 'a gypsy version of Queen.' Featuring “Winnipeg’s strongest horn section” (The Manitoban), Flying Fox’s energetic live show has built them an ever-expanding reputation as one of Canada’s must see musical acts, as documented by the CBC's Canada Live in 2010.

Since releasing their debut full length album, Hans My Lion in March 2011, the band has played over 100 shows across Canada and the Northwest USA, resulting in hundreds of new fans converted to Winnipeg's pioneering purveyors of “operatic indie jazz.” With over 200 shows played since the band's formation in 2007, Flying Fox have performed at The Big Timeout, North Country Fair, South Country Fair, Canada Day at Calgary's Prince's Island Park, The Komasket Music Festival, the Brandon Folk Festival, and the Winnipeg Jazz Festival. Maintaining this busy tour schedule has allowed Flying Fox to share stages with acts as diverse as Elliot Brood, Black Mountain, Bahamas, Dan Mangan, Buffy Ste. Marie, Arrested Development, Five Alarm Funk, Fred Penner, Dave Bidini and The Waking Eyes.

In 2010, the Flying Fox obsession with dark tales and puppetry was taken to full fruition with the debut of their original rock opera, The Wild Things, at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Inspired by the iconic children's story, Where the Wild Things Are, the show was lovingly embraced by children and adults alike, received the prestigious “Best of Fest” award and sold over 1,200 tickets. Soundtrack music from The Wild Things was recorded and released as an “artful and ambitious” concept album (Uptown), selling out of it's orginal 500 copies.

In addition to a smashing success at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Flying Fox's extensive and dedicated hometown fan base sold out the West End Cultural Center (300+) for their Hans My Lion CD release in April, 2011. Winnipeg media has recognized Flying Fox as one of Winnipeg’s “most acclaimed bands” (Winnipeg Sun), with Uptown embracing Hans My Lion as 'a roaring success' with a 5 star review, and the Uniter giving a 5 star review to both The Wild Things and the self-titled Flying Fox EP. The Uniter additionally described Hans My Lion as “an album with no shortage of imaginative material that is bound to become a classic”.

Outside of Winnipeg, Flying Fox received a 4 star review from Edmonton's Vue Weekly for Hans My Lion, and Stuart Derdeyn (Vancouver's The Province) listed Flying Fox as #8 on his top shows of 2011. Flying Fox additionally won the 2011 Nimbus Recording School's showcase event in Vancouver; "Said Nimbus [Recording School] instructor Futch of the band, 'Not since the invention of the cell phone have I seen a room where EVERYONE was looking at the stage.'" – Vanmusic (Vancouver’s indie scene blog)

Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers is an incredibly dynamic band that knows exactly when less is more. Don’t miss the spectacle that is a Flying Fox live show!


Hammer in the Night

Written By: Jesse Krause

hear my monster's heavy hands,
hear the rumble of his pneumatic might,
hear an unwed thrust into the land, and
Bang. Bang. Bang.
hear the hammer in the night,

out in the open, and out in the rain,
gaia gives birth to a south bound train.
remember a childhood, remember a youth?
it was a warm spring, it was a hot one,

and he was asking with a shudder thud,
to gets into position and slips into the mud.
but love does he love you? love does he care?
it is his duty; it is a job.

at four o'clock he starts his opening theme,
a rabid incarnation of industrial regime.
we wouldn't call it music, but it's charming all the same,
it is seductive in its ca-

caphony, and it works well,
though she doesn't need the courtship, she's always in heat.
waiting with her chin up, waiting here and there for a suitor.


Voyeurageur, see the ripples on the pond,
Voyeurageur, see the going going getting on

bang out an orphan, with an orphanish pain
his parents fuss and fight and leave a lonely little train.
it's the same old tragic story, yes we've heard it all before,
these orga.....nisms reproduce and nothing more.

out in the sunshine, out in the open,
a tormented lack-of-love-child
is crying all alone.
Waiting for his passengers, waiting for his people
and here they are and they're angry, they say:


Written By: Jesse Krause

If I were a foreign deity I would not hesitate to ask you for your resignation as my prophet.
We can not have you and the future in the same business anymore (though the damage has been done)
and the money that we save on your relentless habits
will be given out to those afflicted by your lovely breasts

Say that I was a little bit younger and had a picture of a boy that I liked, you bet I'd keep that quiet,
you bet I'd keep that safe from all the taunting of the child in you and the child in me,
their stones and sticks, so hard, so supple.

Notice this: a way in is always a way out.
And memory's fickle nursemaid is self idolatry, trembling vanity.
Let her drown.

We made love to this smell only once, felt the soft warm dark of the earth beneath us,
tried to make the solemn cedars believe us that love is never vain.

But Memory hatches, memory thrives and lives, and will not be undone by a little black dress.
There's always here. There's always less.


Written By: Jesse Krause

Starlyng, Starlyng,
Ocean Faring,
Bold and Daring.
Bold and Rugged,

Fears no contest,
foe, or fight,
Starlyng, Starlyng,
burning bright.

Come and find a place in the glow of the new world.
Common place in the west,
with Mislands and Mylands of Paradise.
The Ocean below underground.

Creature, Creature,
know your purpose.
Know your kin are
bound for conquest

Without rival
Without prayer,
Starlyng, Starlyng,
In the air.

Come and find a place in the glow of the new world.
Common place in the west,
with Mislands and Mylands of Paradise.
The Ocean below underground.

What if we separate and I get lonely and have a child and have another one and so on and so on for a thousand generations until my family inks out the sun, and the moon, and the sky?
will they be welcome and will I?


Written By: Jesse Krause

I wonder if there is any room on the dry land? If there is space for one more body I would take it. Darling, haven't you a partner? I see unhappiness in your future. Darling, do you see the sunlight? Neighbour do you see the shadow? Are you in the valley of death with me? I was celebrating a great victory over the ocean. As Barabas barely makes his way, so I barely make my way out. I saw it coming, a dark shape amid the fluttering of so many adults pulling themselves up out of the melting Assiniboine.


Fruit and Ash EP (2013)
Hans my Lion LP (2011)
The Wild Things EP (2010)
Self-Titled EP (2008)

Set List

Two sets of original material.
One set of covers.

We like playing our own songs more.