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Flying Mystics

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
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"Mystical Sounds - New Shamans Evolve from Rock and Roll to Therapeutic Sound"

The use of sound as a healing tool is becoming ever more commonly known and recognized by the mainstream. For example, on December 21, 2010, a New York Times article told how humming can “ease sinus problems.” Reduced airflow is a significant factor in sinus infections. The vibration created by humming stimulates the sinus areas and increases airflow through the sinuses which results in the beneficial release of nitric oxides by up to 15 times normal volume. There are many other ways to apply sound to the physical body, from simple and straightforward crystal bowls, tuning forks and gongs to more complex sound wave frequency machines that generate audible sound waves for specific body parts and conditions.

The sounds of music have become so ubiquitous—from homes, workplaces, restaurants and elevators to personal music devices—that their restorative properties can be taken for granted or ignored. However, not all sounds or music is beneficial. The work of Masaru Emoto, Ph.D., has shown this beyond a doubt. It is important to be selective. New genres of music are emerging from the harsher sounds of rock and roll to create more soothing sounds to balance and support the mind and body. From ancient cultures and religious rituals to secular gatherings, the profound effects of music’s influence on healing have been powerfully experienced by spiritual leaders and practitioners, who apply the energy of sound and channel it appropriately. Now higher consciousness is coming forth into a new paradigm in music, which incorporates healing and spiritual dimension. Shamans, with their powerful intent to heal, can guide people to interact therapeutically with sounds and music.
A new genre of ‘mystical sound’ is emerging in our society. One local Atlanta group has come forth with more nurturing, health-enhancing music. Calling themselves The Flying Mystics, this unique musical group skillfully blends improvisation with ceremony in an open rather than directed content.

The Peruvian and American makeup of Zepi Morelli (guitar), Flournoy Holmes (flutes, percussion, bowls), and Todd Roderick (hand drums, percussion) uniquely combines their range of influences. Each of these instruments produce sounds that lead the listener into a devotional state that is essential to true healing. When used in concert, the effect is multiplied. In addition, the traditions of Buddhism, shamanism, and yoga in combination with equally diverse musical sources inspire the “The Flying Mystics” unique sound to further amplify the beneficial sound wave vibrations. Consequently, their audiences experience the holistic and transformative power of sound while allowing themselves to take the deeply spiritual journey. In the words of Glenn Mullin, Buddhist scholar and meditation teacher, “The Flying Mystics indeed live up to their name. Their music is created beyond expectations, transporting the listener high into the spacious world of joy, freedom, and beauty.”
The group’s first CD, “Begin Within,” was released last year to the acclaim of many, from yoga teachers who use it to create a contemplative space, to parents giving musical sustenance to their children. The group’s intention is to produce music that not only affects listeners in a positive way, but also portrays a deep, hopeful and optimistic resonance that can provide a profoundly helpful path towards healing body, mind and spirit. In the words of one reviewer, “These three wizards cast a magical spell of the pure essence of music.” Notably, The Flying Mystics is the only Western group to perform in the inner sanctum of the Drepung Loseling Monastery in Atlanta.

The International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA) a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, has sponsored concert performers like Steven Halpern, Norma Gentile and Jonn Serrie, “There’s nothing like the experience of live healing music,” says Lois M. Grant, Ph.D. and past President of ISTA. The Flying Mystics will present a concert at the International Sound Therapy Association’s all-day “Temple of Sound” event on February 26 in Atlanta. - Aquarius - Atlanta

"The Art of Being Spontaneous: Flying Mystics’ debut album, Begin Within, inspires healing and peace through music"

By Elizabeth P. Holmes

There isn’t a name for the music yet, but the Flying Mystics are looking to change that.
“We can’t classify our music because it’s hard to find anyone doing exactly what we do,” says Zepi Morelli.

It’s improvisational, spontaneous and healing – qualities all three men exude in life and lifestyle on a daily basis and now through their music together. It’s been labeled Neo-Shamanic by some – a mix of the ancient and modern.

Inspired by different disciplines but entwined with visual backgrounds, Morelli, Flournoy Holmes and Todd Roderick create a fluid sound and energy that only they together can produce.

“When I hear Zepi hit a chord,” Holmes says, “it makes me want to play something and then we feed off each other – we work together from that point. Something happens when we get together –it all fits.”
Spontaneous is also appropriate to describe how they became the Flying Mystics. Morelli and Holmes met up years ago through the Tibetan Buddhist Center, collaborating on design projects, each having no idea the other played music. Roderick was Holmes’ Ashtanga Yoga instructor and he asked him to join them on drums.

Their name is inspired by the artwork and images from the book The Flying Mystics of Tibetan Buddhism by Glenn H. Mullin. With a shared love of Buddhism and healing between them, the Flying Mystics ‘of Atlanta’ were born.

Morelli, guitar, born in Lima, Peru, has lived in Atlanta for over 20 years. His inspirations come from his musical family, a lineage dating back to the Incas of Peru and has passion for many genres; from Bach to King Crimson.

Holmes, flutes, drums, percussion and vibes, also comes from a musical family and remains a focal point of the Atlanta arts and music scene since the ‘70s, emerging as a prominent southern rock album cover artist. He’s driven by Morelli’s energy and is constantly inspired by him.

Roderick, drums and percussion, is a natural artist and feels he is a wanderer. He’s a dedicated yoga practitioner and lives in the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur.

“Playing the first time together, we had no idea how good it sounded until we listened back,” Roderick says, “Flournoy would go back through recordings and find what may have potential, and every so often a song would exist within the recording.”

“All of the music is spontaneous, the second song on the album, Mount Kailash, came together right then and there, it never existed before,” Morelli says.

In fact, 75 percent of the songs on Begin Within are taken from the first three weeks the Mystics played together – with minimal overdub. It worked from the beginning.

“It only works for the music to flow through us, then go back and learn it.” Roderick says. “That’s our challenge now, but it has been surprisingly easy for us to do.”

The Mystics have hardly been together for a full year and already have enough material for their second album. For now, however, they’re focused on playing live and searching for a booking agent.
They practice in Holmes’ Va-Hi home and, as Morelli points out, “What started out as fun, I am quickly realizing, has become something special. It’s now become more than music.”

Their timing, vision, passion and talent combine to create sounds that soothe and even heal. Holmes quips, “We don’t put it out there, but people come up to us and say, ‘Wow, you guys are healers through music,’ or ‘I had a healing experience and visions.’”

Kids especially love it- moving and grooving to the sounds. With that feedback, they are looking to offer their healing energies to groups that need it. “To give and receive, influence and inspire,” Holmes added.

It’s a message of healing we hope continues to resonate.

To learn more , contact them at Listen & purchase the album at - Atlanta INtown


Flying Mystics first CD release 2010, "Begin Within"
Currently in studio recording new CD titled "Amazon Flower"
New video "Cloud Surfing" recently released with thanks to Roerich Museum, Mongolia



Flying Mystics is a Peruvian/American instrumental trio whose music can be described as neo-shamanic. Band influences range from Amazonian rhythms to Himalayan shamanism, hillside folk to acid rock, with the delivery transported from primordial setting to modern urban aesthetic.

The music is at once esoteric and visionary, while remaining sensually intense and spiritually powerful. The first group allowed to play the sanctuary of the Drepung Loseling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery (The Dali Lama's affiliation in North America).

The Flying Mystics are on the forefront of the new paradigm of higher consciousness in music.