Flying Venus

Flying Venus

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B52's meets Aerosmith. Classic rock vibe with a twist. They also have sense of humor which shows up from time to time.


Award winning songwriter, Jean Mazzei is an ever evolving piece of work. "i may be small, but my artistry keeps growing," says Jean. Flying Venus began as an idea for a band. It became a band, now it's back to Jean flying solo. She has played venues all over the western U.S. Flying Venus has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Grammy winner Bonnie Hayes and the Superbonbons, Grammy nominated Carlos Guitarlos, and the SF icon The Gun and Doll Show. Mazzei produced "Girlz Who Rock" in 2003, a mini-festival showcasing local female fronted originals bands, and the sequel "Girlz Who Roll" in 2004, which added female filmmakers to the spectacle.

Jean also is the founder of "Rock Star Yoga," which teaches musicians and non-musicians how to "bring it!" on and off the mat.

"Face of a Nation" won 4th place in the Unisong International Song Contest in the LUNCH category. All net proceeds from this category go to benefit social programs they sponsor in the areas of hunger, homelessness, substance abuse, and domestic abuse.

"Bonbon the Orgasmatron" was played on KFOG radio in San Francisco.

"Darkness," is getting radio play on NTG Radio ( from San Jose, and Nette Radio (


Lost in the Chaos

Written By: Jean Mazzei

this foggy haze
I lost my truth
Can’t find my dreams or priorities, more of these
I lost my youth

Focus my mind
Fragments of time
Telling me that I’m late, I’m not great, most of all
I’m driving blind

I’m lost in the chaos
Lost in the chaos
Lost in the chaos
I’m lost

Where do I go?
Can’t find my way
I’ can’t believe I forgot to show up for
A new job today

Get off this ride
Work sanctified
I’m too available, nothing’s downscale-able,
Nowhere to hide


I see no reflection in this mirror
I’ve become invisible to myself
Noise that nothing can disturb
Turns my thoughts to mindless words


Big Girls Don't Cry

Written By: Jean Mazzei

Jean Mazzei, © 2006, December

Running rain down my windowpane
My guardian angel is crying again
Another beginning of another end
With you

You’d hear my voice but you wouldn’t pick up
You’d stay in your room with your door locked shut
Your silence was loud, but I could still hear you

I built a workd where I could hide, I shut down the place where the pain lives inside
so my pillow stayed dry
Cuz Big girls don’t cry

Jackfrost came and made my fingers all numb
I painted the silence with my lonely song
Hearing the words come out all wrong
About you

I had to escape from my emotional lie
Like a caterpillar turns to butterfly
I guess it was time for me to say goodbye
To you

I tried to run but I couldn’t hide, so I opened the place where the pain lives inside
and my pillow’s not dry
but Big girls don’t cry

bridge When you came and took your life away from me
You left a big hole where my heart should be

I’ve cried all the tears that I had to cry
It took me awhile, but I opened my eyes
And now I sing this lullaby
To you

It was easy to run, but I couldn’t hide, so i opened the place where the pain lives inside
Cuz pillows will dry
And Big girls can cry
Big girls can cry

Bad Luck Black Cat and a Ladder

Written By: Jean Mazzei

verse 1
fat cat at the top of the stairs
looking at me in my underwear
the elastic is shot
so am i

black cat walking under my ladder
she throws salt over her left shoulder
she's superstitious
so am i

and it's bad luck to be alone on sunday
and it's bad luck to find myself alone on monday
even worse is to be alone on tuesday
and on saturday, if i'm still here
i know i'll be alone on sunday

verse 2
brat cat rubs at my ankles
she doesn't care about love triangles
she needs to be fed
so do i

open the cupboard and nothing is there
i look at us, we make quite a pair
she needs attention
so do i


and it's my bad luck
it's another messy breakup
i got stuck with a bad luck black cat and a ladder
a bad luck black cat and a ladder
a bad luck black cat and a ladder
no bread no butter no salt...

Driving Over Water

Written By: Jean Mazzei

alone again looking in the mirror
nothing left to say or sing about
music used to be one of my best friends
now it's only somehting that i dream about
once i wished upon a star
wished that it would take me far away
i got tired of pay to play
and it feels like everyday I'm

Drivin over water
drivin over time
drive in one direction
drive outside the lines

if only in my imagination
pretending that i'm finally free from you
having a field day with no oblilgation
no one here to judge or answer to
tossed and turned inside out
twisted by my own self dobut they say
time heals all but what heals time
the clock keeps ticking and i know i'm


did you mean to take me down to the ground
did you mean to hold me down til i drown
but i'm not drowining



Written By: Jean Mazzei

Bird in my window, she crashes into my oak tree
Bloody and battered, that bird looks exactly like me
Heaven can wait for those who can wait
For those who can’t wait, well you know it’s too late

And the fog rolls in, and I can’t see, this (my) broken heart is hidden from me,
hidden from me

kaleidescope vision I see all my faces of Eve
prisms reflecting illusions of my make believe
piecing together what’s left of my heart
fragmented splinters served up ala carte

And the fog rolls in, and I can’t see, this (my) broken heart is hidden from me,
hidden from me

pour me another and serve it up tall
darkness please catch me as I slowly fall

And the fog rolls in, and I can’t see, this (my) broken heart is hidden from me,
hidden from me


2007- "BREATHING UNDER WATER" - Jean embraces her voice as an artist, dissolves the band, and goes back to her roots as Flying Venus. This cd, produced by Ronan Chris Murphy (Veneto West), has some heavy hitters on it: G.E. Stinson (Shadowfax(, Ian Sheridan (Jason Mraz), Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos), John Wicks (Marky Mark). Enjoy.

2006 - "Face of a Nation" The new songs are edgier, and the band grooves are deeper. Includes songs like "inside of me," "house of cards," "long road to memphis."

2003 Wild Heart Girl -
"Her voice is great... a pleasant, retro 80s girl band feel..." Sherry Sly, West Coast Performer Magazine

"Fiery organs, sugary rhythms ... songs that won't get out of your head!" Carson Arnold, Longhouse Publishing, Vermont

2002 Pre-Banned

This is FV without the full band, totally self-produced with guitar and midi. Tracks are raw and fresh. Note: This cd was before Flying Venus was banned from Starbucks....

Set List

original songs
jazz standards