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"Flying Venus"

reviewer: Carson Arnold
December, 2003

You know those albums you're not really connecting with but you nevertheless still bounce between the tracks, revisiting songs that WON'T GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD? Well, this act from Frisco, Flying Venus, led by the high elegant voice of Jean Mazzei, is one of those things that's wheeling me to my wits end. "I call my music attitude pop," she explained, "a fun and quirky retro sound, reminiscent of the 80's with an updated twist." This was all in a letter enclosed with some nice temporary tattoos and her record, Wild Heart Girl (playing now), which as she described, is indeed a cross-breed of the Go-Go's, Deborah Harry, and the escalator to (or off) womanhood. The album is solid, a friend, unsteady at times, but honest enough to make me play it twice in a row. Fiery organs, sugary rhythm, distorted layers, searching for the "dare"-- I suppose it all depends where ya stand...I'm more a Patti Smith person. Though unlike that rigid bunch, Jean is free and wandering-- you can hear this-- yet there's a whole lotta product-placing lyric that distracts the rest of the breezing music-- mild references to coffee, phones, and shopping carts and things. This isn't always irritating, 'cuz when you escape into the moments of "Objects In The Mirror", there's a waterfall of an unforeseen chorus waiting on the other side, illuminating Jean's place as a sensitive but striking singer. (
- Longhouse Publishers and Booksellers, Vermont

"Wild Heart Girl"

reviewer: Sherry Sly

Mazzei's self-described “attitude pop” has a pleasant, retro-'80s girl band feel. Her voice is great when she keeps it in the lower register. [Wild Heart Girl’s] thudding bass line and squealing guitar breaks with Mazzei's funky vocal stylings creating a song that sounds like a perfect soundtrack for a '70s B movie. - West Coast Performer Magazine

"Flying Venus is Airborn"

Wild Heart Girl by Flying Venus a.k.a. Jean Mazzei is a sharp, sweet and definitely bouncy effort worthy of permanent addition to anyone's library; see them live if you can -they're one of very few groups who carry as well if not better from their recorded work to the stage. Jazz-pop sensibilities frame the opening cut “Follow You.” From there we move onto numbers that are obviously inspired by the love of her life, keyboardist John Mazzei-specifically the melody/chorus driven “Shopping Cart”-you can hear the smile in Jeans' voice, and that helps sell the tune as a legitimate ditty. This emotion is even more succinctly defined in “Heaven on Earth,” which gets as close as you can get to Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale without being a ripoff. The lyrics are sweet, making one wish Jean were singing to them personally. For the coup de gras, we have the worthy of radio play “I'm a Girl” (take THAT No Doubt!) and “I Wanna Be Bad.” Sharp lyrics, kinda thrashy in a Go-Go's/punk inspired thrust. “100 Hairs a Day” is a reflective song with some melancholy directly related to the fact the days are passing, and that's the fact of life...but it doesn't mean your world’s over, either. Another fact is you'll be sorry if you don't make a minimal investment, support this group and get your hands on some original change of pace music to spice up that aging collection of Judas Priest. - Steve Devo

"Wild Heart Girl is"

"[Wild Heart Girl] is amazing! Nice rich vocals with a compelling raw honesty! Jean Mazzei is a babe because of it all..." - Annette Conlon, Nette Radio

"Jean Mazzei is amazing!"

"Jean Mazzei is amazing! Nice, rich vocals with a compelling raw honesty!" - Annette Conlon - Nette Radio

"Wild Heart Girl"

Flying Venus
" Wild Heart Girl "
Genre: pop
reviewed by Annette Warner

This project was fun to hear and offered up an intense roller coaster of sound. Pop reconstructed and melded with a certain feminine punk one minute and sensual jazz then on to high school bubble gum sounds the next. Simple and fun-hearted driven lyrics. Not sure where it all meets at the moment, but I’m sure it’s making a point. Maybe, don’t take yourselves too seriously in this hateful business?
Easy to listen to and easy to eject. What can I say? -


2007- "BREATHING UNDER WATER" - Jean embraces her voice as an artist, dissolves the band, and goes back to her roots as Flying Venus. This cd, produced by Ronan Chris Murphy (Veneto West), has some heavy hitters on it: G.E. Stinson (Shadowfax(, Ian Sheridan (Jason Mraz), Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos), John Wicks (Marky Mark). Enjoy.

2006 - "Face of a Nation" The new songs are edgier, and the band grooves are deeper. Includes songs like "inside of me," "house of cards," "long road to memphis."

2003 Wild Heart Girl -
"Her voice is great... a pleasant, retro 80s girl band feel..." Sherry Sly, West Coast Performer Magazine

"Fiery organs, sugary rhythms ... songs that won't get out of your head!" Carson Arnold, Longhouse Publishing, Vermont

2002 Pre-Banned

This is FV without the full band, totally self-produced with guitar and midi. Tracks are raw and fresh. Note: This cd was before Flying Venus was banned from Starbucks....



Award winning songwriter, Jean Mazzei is an ever evolving piece of work. "i may be small, but my artistry keeps growing," says Jean. Flying Venus began as an idea for a band. It became a band, now it's back to Jean flying solo. She has played venues all over the western U.S. Flying Venus has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Grammy winner Bonnie Hayes and the Superbonbons, Grammy nominated Carlos Guitarlos, and the SF icon The Gun and Doll Show. Mazzei produced "Girlz Who Rock" in 2003, a mini-festival showcasing local female fronted originals bands, and the sequel "Girlz Who Roll" in 2004, which added female filmmakers to the spectacle.

Jean also is the founder of "Rock Star Yoga," which teaches musicians and non-musicians how to "bring it!" on and off the mat.

"Face of a Nation" won 4th place in the Unisong International Song Contest in the LUNCH category. All net proceeds from this category go to benefit social programs they sponsor in the areas of hunger, homelessness, substance abuse, and domestic abuse.

"Bonbon the Orgasmatron" was played on KFOG radio in San Francisco.

"Darkness," is getting radio play on NTG Radio ( from San Jose, and Nette Radio (