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Flying Without Wingz

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Flying Without Wingz are an up and coming Electro-Hip Hop group hailing from the Midwest, who fuse elements of rock, electronica, hip-hop and pop into their unique sound. Known for their explosive performance and electric stage presence, they put on a show you won't forget!


Who Are Flying Without Wingz?

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, V.Carter and iRAWniQ are Flying Without Wingz. Formed in early 2009, FW² have burst onto the Grand Rapids music scene, fusing elements of hip hop, rock, dance and electronica into one unique sound.

Awarded “Next to Blow” at the 2009 Grand Rapids Hip-Hop Awards, the duo released three albums (The X-Files Mixtape, No Wingz Allowed EP and their most recent release, HipTRONica) in 2009. From those releases, the songs “All Stars” and “Turn on Your TV” received radio airplay on 104.5 WSNX in Grand Rapids.

Known for an incredibly energetic live show, FW² have shared the stage with Slum Village,Kidz in The Hall,88 keys, Izzy Kizza, Flynn Adams, Juiceboxx and many others while playing countless shows in Michigan. Their fan base continues to grow and the act finds itself ready and able to fly even higher in 2010.

For FW², not only is the sky the limit, but the whole universe is within reach.

Drew Behringer at Rocket Entertainment

"CTRL Freak" (Official Music Video) -


HipTRONica Mixtape (2009)
No Wingz Allowed EP (2009)
The X-Files Mixtape (2009)

Radio Airplay:
"Mami Y Papi"
"Turn on Your TV"
"All Stars"

Streaming via itunes:
"Flying Without Wingz"
"Unclassical School Girl"
"Rappin On The Rapid"
"All Stars"

Set List

Typically we preform the songs that we have on itunes or a current project we're promoting..

Sets are usually 20-60mins

Rappin On The Rapid
and many more

We can perform "clean" versions of all songs if asked to..