Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip Hop

FlyMoney ENT. presents...B.F The Pilott Mixtape FlyMoney Freshmen. A new young artist out of Los Angeles with smooth lyrics and a new type of sound, with his swag and great beats keeps people guessing his next up. FlyMoney Freshmen Leggoo!!


Craig 'B.F" Parker. Born in Los Angeles , Ca. Then Moved to Las Vegas , Nv to avoid a troubled childhood. B.F. Always had a secret passion for music and after graduating high school, He put his creativity and energy together to create his first mix-tape. After moving back to Los Angeles, B.F.Then joined the indie label "Fly Money Ent." & Released " Fly Money Freshen "( My Freshmen Mix-tape ). After one mix-tape, He has gained a fan base and a line of shows from Vegas to L.A with a great positive following. Internet advertising only and He`s also have hits on youtube from my single " Imma Star " now Getting ready to release his sophomore mix-tape " Sky's The limit ". So as of now B.F. Is looking forward to building his fan base and spreading his talents in music and all over the world .What sets B.F.apart from other bands / artist's is the enegry within my music , His performance & who he is as a person & Also the creativity he can bring to the table is just on a whole different level from others mind. Everyone is inside the box.B.F. is outside the box when it comes to what he enjoys & loves to do best, which is music . His passion .

B.F.'s Influences would have to be ; 2pac , Lil'Wayne , Prince , Micheal Jackson , Warren G , Slick Rick .


1.Can't turn me down
2.I'ma Star
3.Get to know
4.Life is what you make it
5.Like Me
7.Money Hungry ft. Yung Brodee & Kid Cali
8.Pilot Thoughts
9.Superstar Freestyle
10.Dancing on a pilot

Set List

Wireless Mics .