Flynn's uplifting without sounding naive songs, offering a fresh fusion of radio-friendly pop, Celtic Rock and electronic flourishes.


A talented and passionate musician, Flynn emigrates to America to fulfill his dreams of making it in the music business and co-founds a band in Boston, The Cliffs of Dooneen. Immediately, in a town of thousands of bands, "The Cliffs" win several high profile awards at the Boston Music Awards while selling out almost every venue in town. Next comes a major label record deal, with Critique/BMG and the release of their debut recording "The Dog Went East and God Went West". The first single, "Through an Open Window", was an immediate hit at radio, landing in the Top 10 of Billboardis Modern Rock charts. Next, Flynn is seen constantly in the press, on MTV and on stages across the country. While touring America, he hears his bands' music on the radio nationwide.. his dream is fulfilled... or so it would seem.

As our true "Behind the Music" story continues, there is the proverbial twist... It has nothing to do with drugs, sex or lawsuits, but rather a life altering accident that very nearly left Flynn paralyzed for life. The nightmare involved falling 35 feet from a ladder at his house in Boston. It caused one of his center vertebrae to burst leaving two fragments of bone pushing in on his spinal chord. Flynn spent 10 hours in surgery followed by weeks in the hospital. Then there were months of struggling to regain movement in his arms and hands and his ability to walk again. Always a fighter, Flynn went on a maniacal journey to rehabilitate his body and regain his ability to make music again. With his back shattered and his future uncertain, Flynn's musical dreams came together stronger and he started his amazing recovery back into the music world. With daily rehabilitation and constant pain still racking his body he finished up his first solo album "On your Way".

Flynn released his debut CD "On Your Way" in the Fall of 2001, exactly 2 years from the date of the accident that changed his life forever. Only six months later, this release wins Flynn a prestigious Boston Music Award as the "Outstanding Debut Album of the Year". This was quite a feat in Boston, one of the most highly competitive American music scenes. The music editor of the Boston Globe has gone so far as to state, "One of Boston's best upcoming singer/songwriter, rockers. The recent Boston Music Award winner Flynn is certainly deserving of that accolade. Flynn sounds like he is ready to go national."

The fall of 2002 saw Flynn's music as a major part of the live-action theatrical debut of Spider-Man Live! This Broadway spectacular graced the stages of 45+ U.S. cities. Flynn was asked by the Ideal Entertainment producers to write three songs for the production. These songs became the backbone of this blockbuster stage show and were featured prominently in the performance, the television and radio ads and a compact disc of the Spider-Man Live music. There were ten shows a week in most major American markets with venues ranging from New York's Radio City Music Hall to the Wang Center in Boston to The Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

Flynn's second release "Let the Show Begin" came out on Black Wolf Records, released in early 2003. The Boston Globe named this release as "One of the top 16 records to listen for" in a high profile article spotlighting Flynn's new batch of songs.

In December 2003 Flynn worked with Cher and Grammy Award winning producer David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Sugar Ray) as Cher recorded Flynn's song Human for The Farrelly Brothers (Directors/Producers of Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary) movie "Stuck On You". The movie starred Cher, Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon.

Recently Flynn was picked and scored the documentary film "Racing Against The Clock". This film was released by Uncommon Productions a Bill Haney/Tim Disney company.

Flynn also produced and engineered Ellis Paul's April, 2005 release titled American Jukebox Fables on Rounder/Philo.

Flynn has carved out a thriving career as an artist, composer and producer. After capturing the "Outstanding Debut Release" at the Boston Music Awards, he completed his strongest selection of songs to date on on An Amercian Wake (Black Wolf Records).

His new release reflects his adopted country of America with an honest, emotionally powerful and passionate view of American life within the framework of a masterful pop/rock production.

Flynn is a musician coming into his own. Along with his solo and band performances, he is in high demand with a steady stream of TV and film projects both as a composer and songwriter. Flynn has and continues to have song placements on major TV network shows such as: The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live, All My Children, Haunted. Stuck On You. His music is popping up in all sorts of places these days, for instance, Kenneth Cole recently picked one of Flynn's songs to be featured on the 15,000 CD samplers given out to customers at his high fashion shoe/clothing stores. Flynn's compelling live show has been affirmed by scorin


An American Wake - 2005
Let The Show Begin - 2003
On Your Way - 2001

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