Memphis, Tennessee, USA
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"FlyOriginalDope is reinventing the definition of what "Dope" is. Hailing from Memphis, Tn, you would think her style and flow would be more southern. F.O.D is definitely creating her own lane with a variety of diverse flows, showing exceptional
lyrical ability. With the recent release of her debut mixtape "Fxllxwin Xur Drevms", FlyOriginalDope promises that female hip-hop will be exciting again. Only 23 years old, F.O.D has perfected her craft as an artist since the age of twelve. She's also influenced by rappers like Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Logic, and many more new school artists. FlyOriginalDope recently released "F.O.D", a hype, self-titled introduction song, letting the industry know who she is and why she's Fly", "Original", and "Dope". The release of this track has since then brought a lot of positive feedback for F.O.D, with fans declaring that this will be one of the best summer mixtapes of 2013. The state of female hip-hop appears to be "Dead" so to speak, but FlyOriginalDope just might be the top candidate for its resurrection."



Written By: FlyOriginalDope

uhh they call me..(fod)they call me...(fod)..fod!!
they call me..(fod)they call me...

Nigga I'm the resurrection the deadly weapon from armagedeon
the adolescence perception of perfection!..
my selection of music wuz sent from heaven
to STEER u from the deception/
decepticons, THE ENEMIES transformin yo tv screen
subsconsiously, and u be THA SOURCE
HII-POWER nigga theres no other choice
and since HIPHOP need ah FEMALE VOICE, ima GO HOARSE/
hop off YO HORSE nigga, my shyt killer and u ah muHhfukkin victim nigga
ima tryna MAKE ME ah muHHfukkin livin nigga
put MY MAMA in ah muHHfukkin mansion nigga
i snapped off like ah toothpick, 80's baby shes ah cool kid
tell me ONE BYTCH thats realli bout shyt
and ima say HER SHYT dont even sound LIKE MINE to the very top i climb
RESPECT! MY GRIND my grind my grind
went from being un-signed with MY NAME on the dotted line/
oh... how time flies! and now im here like ta dahh, u niggaz boring like blah blah
ima ball every chance like LA LA, make the ladies GO-GAGA, ima monster...
female HIPHOP unresponsive, im the responder
im conquer ya conqueror's conquer, goin bonkers
bcuz im FOD my nigga, im so damn COLD my nigga, i made it to tha top
didnt have to sell my SOUL my nigga with god in the picture
the system cant FUCK wit ah nigga
in 2013, the tables gon turn my nigga[chop n screw bar in ad lib]
fly ORIGINAL dope individual
using visuals to paint the picture of these bars that U-CUR-RENT-LY listen too
DUDE, i swear that god has blessed MY SOUL
everywhere i go its a sell out show
they be screamin out fod
they be waitin for...fod/

[hook] they call me..(fod)they call me...(fod)..fod!!
they call me..(fod)they call me...(fod)..fod!!

they call me flyoriginaldope, so fuck yo supplier i been dope
i keep that lighter i do smoke, shoutout to the riches dem my folks
mane we neva goin broke, neva sellin my soul, gotta reach my goals
mane im hip-hop's hope, everybody knooow, im bout to blowww
im tryna get rich before i turn 24/
yo, Im pressing toward progression my pockets fulla dat LETTUCE
yo pockets stuck on RECESSION, ima mutha fukkin blessing
i was born an 80's baby shoutout to my fuckin SECTION
mane these rappers WACK AZZ HELL, and their lyrics do REFLECT IT
im standin in INTERSECTIONS cuz hiphop need sum DIRECTION
so watch ya clocks ima make it in ah second
jus enuff time ta get to know me
i got bars like ah penietentary
so why-yall-choose to keep sleepin on me/"f"
-O-deee "i" O-deee on MUSIC, and luxury
i roll leafs and smoke trees
im jus tryna live comfortably
my shoes spiked, my jacket jean
gotta gold chain, jesus piece
2000 13 the riches on yo tv screen/

[hook] they call me..(fod)they call me...(fod)..fod!!
they call me..(fod)they call me...(fod)..fod!!