New Popular Music


Songwriter, arranger and musician, F.M. signs with his initials a curiously familiar and yet totally new kind of music. Although following in the pop-rock tradition, of which he claims an affiliation with kate Bush and David Bowie, F.M. invites us to a show with all the trappings of a chamber music concert. The guitar, string trio and french horn which accompany his voice, and for which he has invented a special form of writing, lend an outstanding energy to his music. The artist likes to tell extraordinary stories : shady in Certain People, tender in Jo and So , they are always transposed into methaphoric worlds, building a wall around his own secret garden. The particular shape of the melody and harmony, the freedom of taste in the composition are signs of a long work of reflexion and a wide open minded spirit.


1st LP "A Dream or Two"
Out february the 11th 2008

Set List

Certain People
A Dream or Two
My Way to the Stars
We Can Fly
Jo and So
Leaves and Stone
Tired and Dirty
Heart of Glass (cover by Bondie)