Full Moon Blanket Acousticats

Full Moon Blanket Acousticats

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Full Moon Blanket is all about versitility. Able to rock large venues, as well as entertain small audiences with a fully acoustic set. Smart, technical music coupled with soulful, emotional lyrics dominate the set. Classic, alternative, original rock


During the last year, the band has focused on the acoustic act, welcoming guitarist Victor Wilson, and vocalist Danielle Hardaman. A local club owner nicknamed the group "the Acousticats". Combining original songs from the Full Moon Blanket Catalog with songs rearranged for acousic from Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" to Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy", along with many bar favorites like the Beatles, Johnny Cash, and Billy Joel.
With a focus on live performance and a crowded show calendar, Full Moon Blanket has honed their skills as adaptable musicians, able to play the right set for any venue.



Written By: Tim Kelly

If I could fly, if I could take you with me , oh so high.If I could lie, if I could tell you all you want to hear, would it change a thing-what I mean to you, oh do you ever remember me and the things we'd do?Do you ever think of me, do you have the time? Do you ever stop and really wonder why? Can you figure out-where it was that we went oh so wrong.Would it change a thing...So we say goodbye, maybe for the last time, I don't know.But I've got to try, I've got to try to leave it all behind. Would it change a thing....Oh, do you ever think of me?...


The latest album "Another First" is availible at CDbaby.com, or you can listen to or download songs at www.fullmoonblanket.com
The songs on this site are the latest acoustic originals, recorded earlier this year.

Set List

We play everywhere from piano bars to large rock clubs and venues. With a list of over 40 originals, several covers, and even unpluged acoustics versions of many songs, we truely try to arrange and focus our set towards the venue and the crowd, whether we only get a 30 minute slot or we get to play all night. Typical Covers include favorites by: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, John Melloncamp, The Police, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Tool, and Green Day.