FM Fatale

FM Fatale


Sometimes sad, often romantic, but always soulful... FM Fatale is a blend of strong songwriting with haunting feminine vocals and electronic melody-driven textures, akin to both Bjork and Sade.


FM fatale was formed in San Francisco during the winter of 2004 by Hilary Gay and Dave Dayneko... the two met through fate (and an ad on craigslist) and almost immediately went to work writing songs for their debut album. Their inspiration includes Bjork, Postal Service, Portishead, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, Mouse on Mars, Flaming Lips, and Radiohead.


(2005) Sugar - Maxi Single
(2006) Soft Life for Killers - Album available 09/15/06

there are 4 tracks available for streaming on myspace, and most of the songs on the "Sugar" single have received local college radio airplay.