Matt Fassler & Jason Engelhard

Matt Fassler & Jason Engelhard


Acoustic rock that's catchy, well done, and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to!


Matt and Jason formed a band in late 2002 and even though the band went their separate ways, Matt and Jason opted to continue writing and recreating some of their favorite songs from the band. With great harmonies and clever lyrics, many fans have compared them to Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, and various other artists that Matt and Jason both respect and are influenced by.


None under just Matt and Jason yet, their acoustic cover of Memory by Sugarcult is not just a fan favorite but got airplay on Western Kentucky University's radio station for a while.

Set List

We like to do something different each time, or as much as we can. We do have quite the repertoire of covers and originals that we can play. Sadly, we only have one song that is recorded and under 5 MB.