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"Jim Dunlop Band of the Week!!!"

“Searing guitar leads, punctuated drums and bass, and controlled, thought-provoking vocals all add up o Friday Night Gunfight... One of the best names for a band I have ever heard!” – Jim Dunlop


"FNGF Adds a little sunset sleaze to Scottsdale AZ"

Friday Night Gunfight bring a little Sunset sleaze to the streets of Scottsdale, AZ. The band points to Van Halen, Guns 'n Roses, Def Leppard and all the other essential rock bands of the last 25 years. With only one year together, let's see if they will reach the status of those icons.

The band has started with a bang, but took a moment to answer a few questions.

How did the band come together?

The band formed in late 2006. All the members were friends but never band mates, until this project. We decided to create a name based on the lifestyle we live. FRIDAY NIGHT GUNFIGHT seemed to best describe us. We want to rock, do what we love, and hopefully bring all those fans who love us; with us...

Do you read your reviews? Do they mean anything to you?

Reviews will always be important, good or bad. We are very open to criticism but we also understand that most everyone in this industry is as jaded as we are.

Who are some of your influences?

This is the hardest question to answer because we all bring such a diverse feeling to every song we write. The best way to understand our influences is to come to a show and watch. Until you experience what we do, no pre-judgments should be made.

What is the songwriting process like for your band?

Group hugs, Miller High Life and love for what we do. Oh, and girls.

What is the most important part of a song?

The part that makes you remember why you came to see us. This answer is based on the individual watching the show, and being moved by a specific hook, lick, or fill. We are the artists; it's up to the people to decide what's important to them.

What songs get the best crowd reaction?

The majority of people tend to like "My Fire", "Just a Dream", and "Lost". The first song that really solidified our band to our fans was "lost" but to our members was "Another". "Lost" always comes across as a fan favorite and sing-a-long, whereas "Another" tells the tale of us being a unit, what we are living for, and why we are all together right now.There are a few "b" sides that we would love to rewrite and recreate to rival any other song we have.

Where is the best place to listen to your music? Headphones in a bedroom or car speakers on the blacktop?

COME TO A SHOW!!! FEEL our music. This is by far the best way to hear our music. Be with us when we are rocking for you. However, if you can't make it to our show, try headphones on a computer or burn it to a disc and own everyone else's car stereo.

Would you consider your band stylish? Is image important?

Asking if image is important is like asking if people in hell want ice water. Would anyone ask Motley Crue or Poison if image was important? Any signed band that exists today will tell you image rules the world. If no one wants to look at you, go home. We consider ourselves to be very stylish, but still growing at the same time. We take pieces of image from our influences but also want to define ourselves in the process.

What is more enjoyable? Playing by yourself for two hours or part of a package show where you get 30 minutes?

No one should be playing for two hours by themselves unless they are in a cover band. Our goal is to capture, inspire, and entertain - if we cannot accomplish that in 30 minutes, there's no reason to play for another hour and a half.

What would mean more, massive sales today or underground legend 30 years from now?

Music is about people. We play music to make people happy. We will continue through the ages to play music that relates to your lives and carries you through the good times and the bad times.

Who will be the first band member to do an indulgent solo album? Who will be the first member to do a solo album that sounds exactly like your band?

Brad (lead singer) will most likely be the first to do a solo album, only because he is amazing. And as far a solo album that sounds just like us? Definitely Gladkin; no explanation need.

Why a rock band? Why not trade school or the Peace Corps?

If you have to ask, you don't get it and you never will.

Where can we find more info about the band or any other projects?


Article by Zane Ewton. Associated Content. - Associated Content


Friday Night Gunfight self-titled EP released 8/2007.

Friday Night Gunfight debut album, "Always A Moment Away" released (May 2008)

Friday Night Gunfight, "Self Titled" album (October 2009)



“Searing guitar leads, punctuated drums and bass, and controlled, thought-provoking vocals all add up o Friday Night Gunfight... One of the best names for a band I have ever heard!” – Jim Dunlop

Our new music is up now!!!! An old video is up from the first album, but we'll have a newbie for your viewing pleasure soon!

Friday Night Gunfight is a band that believe in the greatness and fun of life. It's too short not to enjoy yourself.

The new self titled record to be released in October of 2009, is a collection of music meant to get together with your friends and have a good time to. It's a record to Remember the Summer, party, and feel good about yourself.
Friday Night Gunfight STATS:

2008/2009 Disk Faktory Jams Contest Winner

2009 - Film Blood Moon Rising Film featuring song by FNGF (starring Ron Jerermy)

Song "Just a Dream" featured in 2008 Longboard Championships video

New release artist spun in 800 Hot Topic stores across the country as of 6/23/2008

Played on over 150 college radio stations across the U.S.

Licensed for:
- MTV: Real World
- MTV: Real World/ Road Rules Gauntlet Challenge
- MTV: Human Giant
- MTV: My Super Sweet 16
- Tru Entertainment: Ski Patrol
- Oxygen: Bad Girls Club (season 3)
- Lifetime: American Psychics Challenge

Will be on the soundtrack for The Black Pearl (Hollywood Film) in 2009.

Jim Dunlop band of the week

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