Friday Night Gunfight

Friday Night Gunfight


If you like ROCK N ROLL you will love Friday Night Gunfight. FNGF will make your feet stomp, head bang, and eyes be glued to the stage from start to finish. FNGF meets, greets, and stays with fans throughout the show. FNGF lives to rock n roll!!!


“Searing guitar leads, punctuated drums and bass, and controlled, thought-provoking vocals all add up o Friday Night Gunfight... One of the best names for a band I have ever heard!” – Jim Dunlop

Our new music is up now!!!! An old video is up from the first album, but we'll have a newbie for your viewing pleasure soon!

Friday Night Gunfight is a band that believe in the greatness and fun of life. It's too short not to enjoy yourself.

The new self titled record to be released in October of 2009, is a collection of music meant to get together with your friends and have a good time to. It's a record to Remember the Summer, party, and feel good about yourself.
Friday Night Gunfight STATS:

2008/2009 Disk Faktory Jams Contest Winner

2009 - Film Blood Moon Rising Film featuring song by FNGF (starring Ron Jerermy)

Song "Just a Dream" featured in 2008 Longboard Championships video

New release artist spun in 800 Hot Topic stores across the country as of 6/23/2008

Played on over 150 college radio stations across the U.S.

Licensed for:
- MTV: Real World
- MTV: Real World/ Road Rules Gauntlet Challenge
- MTV: Human Giant
- MTV: My Super Sweet 16
- Tru Entertainment: Ski Patrol
- Oxygen: Bad Girls Club (season 3)
- Lifetime: American Psychics Challenge

Will be on the soundtrack for The Black Pearl (Hollywood Film) in 2009.

Jim Dunlop band of the week

Endorsed by Krank Amplification

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- Subset M
- Hitt Music Group
- Dreamscapers
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- Krank Amplification

Michael Gladkin


Remember the Summer

Written By: Friday Night Gunfight

Let’s play the game of memory
You roll the dice and see if I can match the way it was
Those nights could last forever
Just you and I and our desire planted on the rug
We took on the world
No backing down
We can last the fight
Just take it round by round
Together we can

Remember the Summer
Remember the golden sky
And the way that it reflected in our eyes
Remember the summer
Remember the starlit nights
Remember the summer
Remember the golden sky
Who says that we can’t capture magic twice?
Remember the summer
Remember the starlit nights

It feels like only yesterday
I broke a glass and that would bring a fuss and fight
But that was our most lonely night
Now a broken glass could mean the best of days
Longing for the lazy times
Longing for the brightest smiles
I’ll meet you at the starting gate
With the cleanest slate
Don’t turn your back on fate

Think back to the day we took our places
The color in our faces
Filling up the space
You can say it to the world
You can say it to a girl
But its only verified when hearts start to race
I’ll rebuild the home
You fulfill the grace
I’ll stand by your side
As long as you can take


Friday Night Gunfight self-titled EP released 8/2007.

Friday Night Gunfight debut album, "Always A Moment Away" released (May 2008)

Friday Night Gunfight, "Self Titled" album (October 2009)

Set List

FNGF typically plays for 30-45 minutes. The set is high energy and non-stop. The crowd never stops moving and never slows down. FNGF rotates their music to play eight or nine song sets. They always leave the audience wanting more.
Song List: My Fire, Here's to You, Always a Moment Away, Dead in the Water, Inside Out, More to Me, Nobody's Listening, Lost, Trainwreck, Welcome to Hell, and Many More