Fortress of Attitude

Fortress of Attitude


Elvis Costello meets Twisted Sister meets...Seinfeld?


Half rock band, half comedy troupe, Fortress of Attitude and their hilarious and hard-hitting performances have gotten attention from coast to coast.

"With well-crafted hooks, hummable melodies and tons of jokes, Fortress of Attitude offers a much-appreciated reprieve from a rock scene saturated with stuffy, self-conscious bands that take themselves far more seriously than they ever should,” says Ian Sands of New York’s North Shore Sun.

“Fortress of Attitude really knows how to put on a show!” gushes the LA-based music review, The Gaze.

Using the conventions of rock, indie, punk, and any other style they can appropriate, Fortress of Attitude packs their songs with comedic but insightful lyrics that often wield a surprisingly emotional punch.

While the focus of any FoA performance is on delivering catchy, hard rocking tunes that anyone can sing along and dance to, every show features a healthy dose of audience interaction featuring costumes, props, contests, on stage banter and anything else they think up on the spot.

Fortress of Attitude is touring this year in support of their new album, "The Gift of Music", a tour de force of story-songs ranging in topic from American Gladiators to sleep-away camps to one man's unending love for his time machine.

Over the years, members of Fortress of Attitude have had the opportunity to open for and share festival slots with a host of diverse bands, including Ween, The Rapture, Gwar, Drums and Tuba, The Make Up, Aesop Rock, World Inferno/Friendship Society, Wolfeyes, and more.

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The Gift of Music (2008)

Set List

An FoA show can run anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on what you're looking for.

The set can draw from any of our huge catalog of hilarious and hard rocking original tunes, or our large repertoire of cool covers, anything from Madonna to Prince, which always get the crowd going.

And of course, every show features a healthy dose of audience interaction featuring props, contests, on stage banter and anything else we think up on the spot.