Foam Castles

Foam Castles

 Portland, Maine, USA

Rocking, catchy pop tunes with a focus on rewarding hooks and atmospherics. A healthy meld of classic and modern instrumentation and production.


Foam Castles is a collaborative musical entity co-founded and lead by Tyler Jackson. The lineup (live & in the recording setting) is a fluid thing. They self-released two well-received albums in Portland, ME between 2008-09, and have since returned with a new record called Molly's Jungle, coming out on Peapod Recordings June 1, 2010. The current, temporary live lineup features members of the acclaimed Maine indie bands Brenda, Metal Feathers, and Cult Maze.


Molly's Jungle (2010, Peapod Recordings)
Night Crawling (2009, self released)
Why We Walk (2008, self released)

Set List

Welcome to Molly's Jungle
Garage From Sling Blade
Eastern Drawl
Desert Jam
Took it Home