Foam Lake

Foam Lake

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN

Guitar and synth driven electronic rock. Some things are just meant to be, others have always been. In late 2008, a band of brothers was formed called Foam Lake. Influenced by 70's Punk, New Wave, electro-beats, guitars and synths, Foam Lake mesh genres and create post-rock anthems you can dance to.


Four blood brothers creating infectiously catchy rock n roll laden with synth textures, dynamic rhythms, contemplative lyrics and luscious guitars. Thats the genius of Saskatoons post-pop rockers Foam Lake. Equally at home with swirling keyboard tones as jagged driven guitars, they far exceed the sum of their individual parts.

Comprehending the importance of maximizing their dynamic range, their debut full-length Force and Matter swings from absolute thunder to quiet whisper at the drop of a hat, while smartly abandoning frivolous embellishment and instead delivering only exactly enough of what is needed. Mining their fathers massive record collection taught these four siblings a well-rounded lesson that revealed the importance in balancing the grit and energy of Neil Young, the Smiths and the Ramones with the polish of newer post-punk and new wave groups.

With eldest brothers Paul and Barrett having toured major festivals like CMJ, NXNE and SXSW in their former group Bloodlines, and younger brothers Tyler and Kalen working on their own musical side project the Warbrides, they draw on a wealth of experience for their compellingly electric live performances. Musical kinships like this dont come around often anymore listen up while you can.

Force and Matter has received great reviews from notable blogs and magazines...and now the band looks forward to touring, beginning in February 2012 in Canada, and then a US tour including a showcase at SXSW festival in Austin, TX in March (among others, TBA). The future looks bright in 2012 for Foam Lake.


Die Fighting

Written By: Paul Ross

Skeletons, in fatigues
In the air, and in the sea
They suffered, so we could be free
Gave up their ghosts, for you and me

The world, only black and white
Tells me that you might not make it, through
The war!
You tell yourself you need it, don't you?

Invisible, mom and dad
Would be so glad, and proud of you
To suffer, with bloody hands
It fits the plan, but won't save you

The war, only through your eyes
Tell me how to be proud of this!
Love, not only do you need it
but you gotta feed it, don't you?
The war, don't tell yourself you need it!

Yesterday was fun, and beautiful to be
Old enough to be deceived
The place, that we all leave
Was young enough, to first believe

You, will die fighting!
You, will die fighting!
You, will die fighting you!

Set List

True Hearts
Hemorrhagic kills
Die Fighting
Black Hole
Fight song
Force & Matter
Too Late