Foam 'N' Mesh
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Foam 'N' Mesh

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Comedy Rock




"Bad Meaning Good - Foam ’N’ Mesh get next-level on joke metal"

"I will walk the fuck out of here," threatened Foam ’N’ Mesh frontman Nubs Zanella last Thursday night at Remington’s, the bar/restaurant/comedy club opposite the Common on Boylston Street. He was protesting the abominable PA system, which was garbling his fake-redneck accent. For the only time all night, Nubs — known to the authorities as Matt Hooker, to Boston metalcore fans as the guitarist in Random Acts of Violence, and to Robby Roadsteamer’s mom as her son’s worst nightmare — was not joking. The lyrics to Foam ’N’ Mesh’s "Mustache Rides Are Free" are lewd, ludicrous, and side-splitting, but you wouldn’t have known that unless you already knew the song. It just so happened that almost everyone did. When the PA crackled from bad to useless, the band turned it off completely. Thereafter the show became a drunken sing-along, with gals and guys, arm in arm, harmonizing on choruses like "I’m gonna finger you until my mom comes home" and shouting instructions for infamous sex move "The Shocker" in unison: "Add one finger to the sign of the devil." Outside the bar after the show, Rob Mills, a Foam fan from Somerville, summed up the night: "The sound sucked. The club sucked. The band sucked. It was the best time I’ve had in a year and a half." - Boston Phoenix


"Dunked On" Released May 15th, 2012 independently.



Sent from Heaven with their delicious harmonies, unbelievable hooks, and flaming guitar solos, Foam 'N' Mesh is destined for fame. They take their crude exploits and make them sound as tender as a Hallmark card inside of an apple pie. The only thing funnier than the words is the fact that the songs are actually good. Not for everyone, but for those that "get it", you'll never forget it.