Merced, California, USA

We can pack a show plain and simple. You want a high energy, rock festival all in one? We're THAT band. Don't believe us? Listen to our music. See................? We told you so.

We all have degrees in advanced science shit. Physics, Engineering blah blah blah. We incorporate that into our music.


Focii formed in the summer of 2011. We are from Merced, Ca. We love our fans, will never refuse a good drink, and make damn good music.

Our influences range from Muse, Incubus, E-40 ( Our drummer is black...), Rage Against the Machine, all 80's hair metal, and Alternative Indie Music.

Our approach to music is simple: Make music that our fans will want to listen to, enjoy and then say, "Wow that's some good ****, I need to listen to that again and post that **** up on Facebook."


Just started recording our demo.

Focii is focusing on shows and building a fan base.