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The best kept secret in music


"Live in Oklahoma"

After opening for Petra we received the following feedback:

I just wanted to put in print to all who reads this a big praise the Lord and a reference for the guys in F.O.G.
They recently came to Enid Oklahoma and served and played at our annual Harvest Music Festival. They bailed us out at the last minute, and provided sound and roadie service for the fest when the contracted sound people bailed on us. They also helped in other areas of service and played one of the best sets of classic rock I have heard in years!! They blew the roof off the arena with the music, and showed some of the younger groups and audience members there a few things and gave a lesson in rock-ministry 101!! I received many comments on the music and the ministry. If any one reading this ever has a chance to see them go! To book them do it!! You will be blessed!! They have helped restore this promoters faith in Christian bands!! These guys are the real deal!! I am thankful for their ministry, humbleness and servants heart. They ministered to me in a mighty way. They helped me get thru a tough situation, and I am now thankful to know them and call them friends. They are examples of what true ministers should be!! We will book them again and promote them to all we know!!
Please feel free to contact us any time for a reference.
God bless!!
Brian Harp:Sword of Light Productions
www.swordoflightproductions. com
swolmin @aol.com
Richard H. - rivensoul

Wow!!! I was so blessed by you all my brothers!!! The concert in Enid,OK Rocked for Christ! And our fellowship after the concert was golden.

I appreciate your servant hearts and your willingness to press in in the face of adversity! God bless, and keep in touch! You are in our prayers here in Oklahoma!


Hey Guys, Just wanted to say it was an awesome show. I caught the show in Enid, although I was there to see Petra; it was a blessing to hear you guys. Keep of the good work and may God bless your ministry!


Well, I have to say that I heard you for the first time at Enid. I thought you were excellent. I had a wonderful time. I even drove 5 hours from MO to see the concert. It was a resplendent time of ministry and rock. We ended up listening to your CD a few times on the way home. God Bless and keep on rocking and pastoring.

Hello Guys,

Loved your show in Enid, OK. Dave, your vocals were outstanding and Warren, you were the best guitarist I had heard in a long time. My wife and I brought our son and two of his friends to the concert. One of them doesn't attend church very often and he is really into (non-Christian) heavy metal groups. I think he was really blown away by you guys and I pray that a seed was planted. He plays guitar and he made several comments about Warren's playing. I pray you had a safe journey home and also pray for your ministry. Thank you.


Ruben Marquez
Saw you in Enid this past weekend, great show!


Hi Guys,

I enjoyed seeing you in Enid Oklahoma. Your music and lyrics were a great blessing to me. My wife who doesn't speak English well (and is not too fond of Rock) loved the message given by Dave at the end. Thank you for blessing us and we bought "Broken." We hope to see you soon. Oh by the way my wife was asking when I was going to put on your CD! Unbelievable! She was really blessed. Thank you for taking a picture with my daughter. God Bless you.
P.S. are your other Cd's for sale as well? Robert

gary bunn
you guys were awesome here in enid, hope you made it back to chicago alrite (in a timely fashion). hope to see you down in this area again in the future.
gary, mary and jason


I went to see Petra at the Harvest Music Fest in Enid, but I gotta admit, FOG won me over with there blaring guitars and awesome vocals. Great job guys, keep up all the work you do for the Lord.

Garry and Sylvia

Saw you in Enid last night. You guys are awesome. Being a 40 something person, it is nice to see that there is good Christian rock and roll still out there.

Rock on......

Cool guys, you were cool!
Saw you in Enid! It was awesome.
Hope to see you in Kansas some time.
Thanx for a great show!

Amy and Phil

Great music and message. Saw you in Enid last night. Hope to see you again soon (in Kansas maybe?). We old rockers need to stick together to reach this generation for Christ. Thanks for such an awesome concert.

- many fans

"Misc Reviews"


Thunder Over Streator


Penny Road Pub

James Cross “Boys will be Boyzz” Benefit @ Walter Payton’s Roundhouse
Opened this event for Dirty Dan Buck and The Boyzz

WINGS Benefit Run @ Jesse Oaks in Gages Lake

Payton’s Brewpub in Aurora, IL

Twice through to include Numerous venues in Lithuania such as Broadway Pub (Brodvejus Pubas), Lithuanian Christian College in Klaipeda, spring Biker opening performing with Lithuania’s top performers and many others

The Warehouse Church’s Motorcycle Sunday
5 years in a row

The Kindred’s Red Cross Fundraiser

Daniel’s Den
Numerous events

Northern Illinois A.B.A.T.E.
Cabin Fever and other events…

Low Lyfz annual “Squeal Like a Pig Event” as well as assorted fundraisers
Low Lyfz (house band)
2002 and a return engagement in 2003

Addison Bible Church
1st Coffeehouse event (we blew the doors off the place)

DuKane A.B.A.T.E.
16th Annual Toy and Food Run
2002’s Fall Dance

“What we now have is a DeGarmo & Key/Mellencamp-sounding vocal, and mix that with an instrumental style of Deep Purple and Metallica, but a bit more relaxed, and you have F.O.G.” Paul Landkamer

“Sabbath would of had a running mate back in the day......very nice job guys. It takes a lot for me to really like a band this much--you hit it. “
Angeldust Promotions

Christians can really play and be true artists at their craft. Andrew Bender

Regularly found in Soundclick.com’s top 100 for Rock
- F.O.G.

"CDBaby Listeners"

Reviews of F.O.G.’s third and most recent disc “Broken”

FOG's best...crank it up!!
Reviewer: CobaltIce
This album is by far FOG's best work. The music is tight, the lyrics are meaningful, and Dave Miller really knows how to belt 'em out!! You really can hear the passion that these guys have both for God and their music. If you're looking for a disc that ROCKS...I highly recommend "Broken".

For those about to worship... F.O.G. salutes you!!
Reviewer: Maddog (Phoenix Press)
After multiple playbacks it became obvious... This band is on a mission from God, and they're going to crank it up until you are saved. This is the bands tightest work yet, and the growth they've experienced together leaves us with solid 70's style music. Unlike a previous reviewer who described the lead singer as nasal, I found the vocals to be totally in range and a bit like Bon Scott or early Hagar. Keep F.O.G. on your radar screen... It's only a matter of time before you'll be paying the ticket scalper full price for the nosebleed seats!!

Best CD in the world
Reviewer: Shannon
This CD rocks my world! Thanks for the music.

Good doom metal
Reviewer: Eleventh Hour
What we have here is a raging slab of classic heavy metal. The band delivers their urgent message with a 70's-80's Sabbath-esque style of hard rock and metal that is sure to leave fans of that genre begging for more. The music is thick and driving and the lyrics are straight forward for Christ. My only complaint would be that the singer could use a bit of vocal training. Not that he is a bad singer just a bit nasal sounding. I would also like to hear them achieve a more intense guitar tone similar to what Zakk Wylde acheived on the last two Black Label Society cd's. I can see fans of BLS being fans of F.O.G. as well as the styles are quite similar with that rough biker edge. "Broken" has a guitar vibe that is more akin to Black Sabbath and Place Of Skulls. Overall a very good release! I give the music 5 stars and the vocals 3. Overall 4 stars.

Great guitar work, great production, great music, great lyrics
Reviewer: CarTunes
The best recording from F.O.G. to date! Very tight production on this CD. Warren's guitar sounds are absolutely awesome! As a long time Black Sabbath fan, I really enjoyed the Sab cover tune they do on this CD. My only complaint is...they beat me to the punch (I've always wanted to record that song)!!! If you're into late 70's and 80's rock and metal, get this CD.

check this c.d. out
Reviewer: chef baldman
this band knows 70's metal. they also obviously love our saviour. good effort!!!!

awesome rock love the style
Reviewer: tricker
this is the first cd ive heard from fog and am thrilled to say this is some awesome rock thank god for four old guys

These guys really know how to bust out the heavy music
Reviewer: Roz Wilde
Just like the website says---- FOG rocks!!!!! These guys really know how to bust out the heavy music. The vocals are amazing. NO octave raisers or special effects here!!!! As important as the great music is on this CD even more so is the incredible message of this band. Obviously, these "metallers" get the message too! FOG is proof that you never outgrow the need to ROCK and rock hard. If you are a Black Sabbath fan or an ex-fan and want the heavy style of music but want a better spiritual experience--- These are the guys for you!!!! By the way, Love the ballady "Fire in the Storm". These guys also are a great live experience and are great people to be around and share the music with.

Wow, Rockn', together, clear message
Reviewer: Annie
Jamn' Major, very direct

This is the sound track for the documentary of an iron foundery.
Reviewer: Mike
Picture sweating foundery workers pouring red molten iron from house-sized crucibles into gear castings. FOG is the sound track for heavy industry. Track #6, "Keeper of the Gate", is a nice anomoly from the standard as it adds a wiff of funk to the formula and features interesting interplay between Miller's vocals and Poi's guitar.

Clean sounding...hard bang'n professional sounds...right out of the speakers and
Reviewer: Nicki Nova
Something to groove to day or night... on the stereo or in the car...Excellent Buy!

Reviewer: Chris
The four old guys from F.O.G. are back with their third powerhouse release. From beginning to end, they serve up a big ol' thick slab of some groovin' doom metal in the vein of Black Sabbath. This is a must get CD!!!
- CDBaby


Town to Town
Visibility Clearing


Feeling a bit camera shy


For Those Of You About To Rock…
Some bands form in order to achieve fame and fortune. Some feel a burning desire to bend trends and push stylistic envelopes with esoteric art and deconstructionist ideals. Some bands wouldn’t be caught dead with the word deconstructionist hanging from their lips. They just want to rock, and hard. The classic rock band FOG is as esoteric as a runaway freight train full of wild boars barreling down a mountainside at high noon. Their guitars scream with the passion of a thousand murderous band saws and their amps crackle and smoke with the rage of ten thousand mother lions. From their mouths fly swords, fire and mercy. They are on a mission – and yes, it is a mission from God. FOG, a name originally chosen as an acronym for "Four Old Guys," but many deciding to change it to "Friends of GOD" is an old-school hard rock and heavy metal band as bent on sharing their passion for Jesus Christ as they are on reviving good old-fashioned musical mayhem. Whether juicing up a worship song like a hot-rod in August, tweaking a classic tune, redefining it’s meaning and commandeering it’s verve towards their own ends, or unveiling an original song that sounds as if it blasted straight out of a time-machine set to 1974, FOG is unapologetic in both their commitment to vintage rock and in their enthusiastic performance of it.
Front-man and lead vocalist David Miller was rocking pubs as the drummer for various cover bands at the spry age of fourteen. Artists like Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Van Halen were his musical inspirations. Over twenty years later he merged his passion for gut-crunching rock and roll with his newly invigorated faith in Christ and caught a vision. Miller got together with several friends and church-mates to form what was at first a novelty act, but would soon become a very active ensemble. Warren Poi (guitars,) Jim Groleske (drums) and Ron Regnas (bass) joined with Miller and a few other friends to romp through some cover tunes and amped up worship songs. Though the group started as a bit of a joke, they soon found themselves with performance offers from places as diverse as bible studies and biker bars. Turned out as the whole world turned "alternative" around them, a lot of folks just wanted to pump their fist in the air and let their hair down. The five friends all met at The Warehouse Church where they spent years together in fellowship before realizing they shared a love of old-style hard rock, and a common desire to preach the Gospel wherever they could. They found themselves invited to youth groups, outdoor jams and even some of the roughest biker bars in Illinois and Wisconsin. From intimate crowds in church basements to pounding masses in the thousands at outdoor festivals, they followed every invitation and boldly blasted their hearts out. What they lacked in polish they more than made up for in conviction. With their heart stitched plainly on their sleeve, and their amps up to eleven, FOG took shape.
Though willing to go wherever doors open and ears hear, FOG makes no apology for the reason they play. For them it’s all about sharing their hearts and having a great time. For these Aurora rock-heads the only thing more satisfying than a blaring power-chord is the knowledge that they are offering a message of real hope in a hurting world. The fact that they get to spread the Word at 110 decibels is just icing on the cake.