The Stanfields

The Stanfields


The Stanfields are a group of friends who play roots based rock and roll too rowdy for their own good.


Meet The Stanfields, a maelstrom of rock and roll, bluegrass, celtic and blues. Hailing from the gritty post-industrial towns of Nova Scotia,
The Stanfields play every show like it's their collective last night on earth. Their kitchen party harmonies, thunderous rhythm section, high octane stage show and genuine chemistry have won over audiences clear across their tiny corner of the world.


** as Folds of Policy

**Stay in your Homes (Sept 2004)
**Divided Highways (March 2007)
**Paradigm City (Dec 2007)
** One Night In January vol 2 Live Compilation

Set List

Open Season
Better You Than Me
Stay In Your Homes
Victims (of this)
The Boar
One Thousand Ships
Cay's Lament
Caius Merlyn
Great Slave Lake
Its Alright
Diet Soul
Tiger Economy
Trouble on the Wall
Bright Lights, Big Cities
I've Been Called Away
The Bear
The Surgeon's Song
A Lesson In Humility
Carl Abraham
Let's Have a Drink for a Change
Jesus I'm Tired
Divided Highways
Blacktop Blues
I'll Remember Tonight
No Rest for the Wicked
Shoulda Coulda Woulda
The New Guy
The Worst Winter Yet
Girls and Guys
The Ballad of John Kordic
A Song to Play at My Funeral
The World is on Fire
Bad Television
Money Changers
Sports & Leisure
Cry in the Dojo
Party Favours
Diamonds For Pearl
Synchronicity II - The Police
Dancin' in the Dark - Springsteen
Albuequerque - Neil Young
Where do you thing you're goin - Dire Straits
Let There Be Rock - AC-DC
Grandpa Was A Carpenter - John Prine
Please Don't Bury Me - John Prine
Jesus is Calling - H