Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen


Acoustic groove and songs that paint pictures. Make my Folk the P-Folk.


The story is we are friends and we like hanging out.

Bill and Jerry were in a band called Young Caucasians for about 10 years in the eighties where we opened for the Ramones, the Tubes, The Ventures, The Alarm, 10,000 Maniacs and more. That paid basically enough to get on the bus. Where some bands would have alter egos as cover bands to raise money; The YCs did the Go=Go circuit to make money to press CDs. What a blast mixing rock riffs with Go-Go. We made tons of friends who helped us stay alive and not get shot. But we definetly got infected with beauty and trance of "the pocket".

Durig that time Bobby was playing in the Very Nice Plants. He moved to Austin and became well known for Pedal Steel. He played a lot with Alesjandro Escovedo. Broke and loveless, he moved back to town.

We all had families of some size or ilk, yet we all stayed in touch.
Bill was around playing with some old high school friends; enter Tom. Bill and Tom wanted to have more fun. They liked hanging out with Bobby and me (jerry).

I wish I could tell you a fairy tale, but really music as a medium is really pretty ordinary. Thing is, we find extreme beauty in what is ordinary and average. And ordinary chord played fully. An ordinary beat with no breaks to interupt. An ordinary word that has touched us all.

The only thing really folk aout this is use of acoustic instruments and the extreme grass roots nature. Must be folk-a-delic.

New Additions:
Adam Butler- Percussions and general amazement
Tom haller- Bass and essence of calm

You meet the funkiest people along the way. Like awesomeness always can be hiding in plain sight. Totally random.


Water Marks

Written By: Jerry Hergenreder

The watermarks upon the city
Four feet and counting
So say the blue lines on ancient walls
How did they get there at all
The people know but
Where did they all go

Chips on the faces of the statues
The legends lost when
The choppers landed upon the grassy knoll
Don’t that beat ‘em all

Everyone will be here… tomorrow
Standing against all time

A holy mission, a revolution
An altered mindset institution
How can they not compromise
Without homogenization
A culture’s diversification
On the road to free enterprise
What a pack of lies, what a pack of lies

Everyone will be here… tomorrow
Standing against all time

Edge of Night

Written By: Jerry Hergenreder

Hold me through the edge of night
With headlights out, it’s black as coal
Gotta choose another back road
One where the partiers don’t go

Like I’ve known you before braces
Like our parents love to tell
Like they pass around our baby pictures in the buff
Like we both get mad as hell

Like I know about the future
I got two guesses on who I’ll be working for
In a two-bit tractor town, you want more more more
Gonna tell you things that will happen way before
They ever do, cause some things, I am so sure
Like our dads will get together
Talking who has the worse of luck
While the children all go out behind the barn
Oh Baby, what’s the harm
…and hold me through the edge of night

Hold me like your new guitar
We always hoped a song might take you real far
But you knew the truth, and it amazed me when it showed
‘Cause your eyes still sparkled like a new paved road

And we got nowhere to go
So we’re writing silly things in a fogged up window
It’s so late there’s not a song left in stereo
Just the voice of the resurrection and the light
Tha’s all right, I’ll be polite
I’ll turn him down quietly on this edge of night
So that the only light around is the soft blue glow
Of the radio dial
Showing me just where to put my hands
Oh baby, I’m your biggest fan
So hold me through the edge of night


Too new to have recordings. But material is not lacking

Set List

Besides originals we like to re-arrange things if it makes us bump and grind. Any song that we probably shouldn't do is up for grabs.