Folk Chicken

Folk Chicken


Party folk rock fun! As many people playing music together as possible. We are more a family than anything else. We have played a few shows and on WLVC Radio and are really excited to play more!


We formed at Lebanon Valley College, first as friends, then as a family, and lastly as a band. We play fun music in a folk-punk vein. Our goal is to have as much fun playing music together as possible. We are made up of a wide range of musicians belonging to a number of organic sounding instruments and voices. Did I mention that we like to have a lot of fun? Won't you join us?


Pressing On

Written By: Folk Chicken

Pressing on, pressing on like skin and bone. Skin and bon keep pressing on for the life of me. Waiting on, waiting on my ship to sail, waiting on my train to rail for all the life of me. Putting on, putting on my Sunday shoes. I'll put aside all of my blues, i'll make the best of me. Pressing on, pressing on like skin and bone. Skin and bon keep pressing on for the life of me.

La la la

A Parade of Brays and Hoof Beats

Written By: Folk Chicken

Driving down south to the border of Caroline. I've got a cigarette in one hand and in the other a flask of wine. I think I drove into the back porch again. I don't care what you say about my friends, they're all the same.

My wings behind, I think I lost all of my fears. Searching for the demons crawling up and down the stairs. I'll never drive into that back porch again. These days I care all about my friends, we're all the same.

We're all checking out Langhorne on the corner of 6th and Mass. You're sucking on a filter, we're inhaling shards of glass. You're choking on my tongue, stepping on all of my toes. We're always talking on the night shift, I don't know where the time goes.

Oh oh oh
Don't you know that I love you my friends?

Black Coffee Mornings

Written By: Folk Chicken

I sit on my porch in a thunderstorm waiting for lightning to strike; hoping my car is the lucky one and my gas tank is set alight. If not destroyed, it’ll go to the downtown shop. These kinds of things take time; time to revisit your lonely soul and give some peace to mine.

I can barely feel the street beneath my sore feet. East coast nights slowly turn into day. A sidewalk too long and a burned out street light, strange places to greet the day. The sun’s coming up over Eastern hill as I kick my car into drive. So I live for those black coffee mornings, sing along nights, and feeling alive.

Sometimes I think I’ve already left, sometimes I think I’ll never leave. I’ll grow old alone on a stool at the diner; there’s coffee and a paper to read. We’ll sit and we’ll talk about the good old days, how they never really mattered that much. Making plans for black coffee mornings, sing along nights, and not needing a crutch.

I live down the road from the town cemetery; it’s gate stands rusted and old. Some warm summer nights when there’s no one around, I walk through the gravestones alone. It takes me down the paths of my mind, and reminds me I’m feeling my age. So I live for black coffee mornings, sing along nights, and facing the day.


We have currently 7 songs with 5 recorded as well as several covers. We have played on WLVC radio with the show available for download on our myspace.

Set List

We currently have 7 of our own songs that are completed and available for us to play live. The include Pressing On, Black Coffee Mornings, a Parade of Brays and Hoof Beats, Tom Waits, etc.
We are also quite enjoy music of others and are known to throw together some cover songs. Some of our favorites include 'Roses' by Outkast, 'Holland 1945' by Neutral Milk Hotel, 'Loose Lips' by Kimya Dawson, and 'Wagon Wheel' by Old Crow Medicine Show.