Folk Family Revival
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Folk Family Revival

Magnolia, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Magnolia, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Americana Country




"Welcome to the Folk Family Revival"

Sure, they’re not really country. Sure, they’re not really Red Dirt. Sure, they hard to pin down, but listen to they’re music and you know they’re the real deal. With a variety of influences, FFR is one of the most unique bands in the Southern Music Scene. - Southern Music Scene

"Folk Family Revival - The Dosey Doe - The Woodlands, Texas - REVIEW"

"One thing is for sure, when you purchase a ticket to see Mason Lankford, his brothers Barrett and Lincoln along with their longtime friend Caleb Pace, you will get much more than you expected. The level of professionalism exhibited by these young men far exceeds their experience and highlights the talent the group possesses. The live performance was well delivered with no moments lacking. This is a new approach to music that still has reverence for real, roots driven sound. Buy the record… see a show… join The Family." - Houston Music Review

"Folk Family Revival - Unfolding"

“‘Unfolding’ is FFR’s debut album, featuring thirteen original songs produced by Jeffery Armstreet. Frontman Mason Lankford has the voice of a tired old soul who has lived the words he sings, and is backed by creative arrangements, such as unexpected percussion and moaning undercurrents of organ and fiddle.” - Music News Nashville

"Folk Family Revival, Unfolding"

“How old are these guys, again? That’s the thought that keeps replaying in my head, over and over again, as I listen to the Folk Family Revival’s debut full-length, Unfolding. It boggles my mind that at least a couple of the four band members — brothers Mason, Barrett, and Lincoln Lankford and Caleb Pace — aren’t even legal to drink yet, but they can somehow channel this road-worn, world-weary (but unbeaten) sound, the kind that by all rights should be coming from somebody twice their age and with a lot more scars. It seems damn near impossible.” - Space City Rock

"Folk Family Revival "Unfolding""

“The band has mined their influences on a baker’s dozen classic roots-rockers done in the classic style. More plaintive than some, more than a hint of Southern rock, hugely listenable, and indeed occasionally punch-the-air-able. It’s all amazingly accomplished and Mason Lankford’s songs are worthy of someone twice his age.” - Americana UK

"Folk Family Revival Unleashes Unfolding"

“The depth of the songs on Unfolding is just unbelievable, especially coming from a songwriter who hasn’t even crawled out of his teens yet. Roadsongs, heartbreaks, and unflinching look at popular religion make up the lyrical content buoyed upon a combination of catchy modern pop production and pure Appalachian style country.” - Houston Press

"Join the Folk Family Revival"

“With what seems like a never ending stream of Texas country/rock bands dominating the local band scene, along comes a new young band that by taking a step back, actually takes a couple of steps forward. With their first CD Unfolding, Folk Family Revival returns to the roots of song writing as an art, as opposed to catchy, “hell yes!” cliché that is so prevalent in Texas songwriting today. With lyrics from lead singer Mason Lankford, this literal band of brothers all contribute to a sound that blends elements of folk, rock, country, blues and even bluegrass. It has been awhile since I have heard a local product that sustains quality from beginning to end like Unfolding does.” - North of the Border

"King of All things string gives magical Conroe concert"

Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2011 11:33 am | Updated: 1:08 pm, Thu Feb 10, 2011.
By Jay Ross Martin III Texas Music columnist | 0 comments
Well last Saturday night the downtown square came alive with the sounds of great music, the smells of great steaks cooking on the grill at Siegelman’s and the taste of great wines from Bernhardt Winery at a wine tasting at the Corner Pub.
Add the First Saturday Art Walk to the mix and there was something for everyone and a lot for anyone. Earlier that day you had the Conroe Old Timers Breakfast at Vernon Wayne’s City Café and the S.A.M. Market across from the Kinkade Gallery and the Linda Watson Gallery.
Well at approximately 6:15 p.m. Mason Lankford and the Family Folk Band took the stage at the Corner Pub. Conroe has a lot of young talent with Scooter Brown, Josh Ward, Charles Peters, Jeremy Bankhead, Mike Allen, Steve Sullivan, Kyle Hutton and Joe Wells among others but man this young gifted 19-year-old singer/songwriter and band leader Mason Lankford just blows me away!
He writes way beyond his years, plays a mean guitar, sings like Rob Thomas and has knowledge and respect for the founders of his favorite genres of music. He knows more about Bob Dylan than Mr. Zimmerman probably knows about himself. Besides his well-crafted originals he and his gifted brothers who make up the Family Folk Band cover songs from artists as diverse as Dwight Yoakum to Neal Young, Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan.
They reach into their bag of deep tracts and often bypass the hits by an artist in favor of their favorite more obscure tracts. In the case of Dylan they do their versions of “Maggie’s Farm” and “Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat.” Barring illness, injury, extremely bad luck or any other unforeseen tragedy, Mason and his cohorts are headed for stardom in the Americana field.
Catch them while they are still primarily playing locally. You’ll be in for a real treat. Check out why they are the favorite new band of Charles Tullos of Tuts; the management of Main Street Crossing; the management of Dosey Does; Rick Heysquierdo of the Lone Star Juke Box on KPFT; Debbie Glenn, director of the Texas Independence Festival; Leo Hewett, chairman of the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival; Bruce Henry, chairman of the Sounds of Texas Music Series and last and probably least importantly, Ruthie and I.
Also check out Dick and Debbie Krueger’s daughter, Shellie Coley who is quite a gifted singer/songwriter as well and often sits in with Mason Lankford. They will be back at Tuts on Feb. 26 and will be on the bill March 6 with Dustin Welch and Cody Canada and the Departed at the Texas Independence Day Festival. Kudos go out to these kids for keeping real music alive!
Well last Saturday night the Downtown Conroe Art Walk was a big hit. More than 150 people browsed the galleries downtown sampling wine, coffee, cookies and other desserts. Everyone I’ve talked to who attended the event had a great time. On a positive note, local artist-in-residence-on-the-Square, John Porter, has moved from the Linda Watson Gallery next door to the Kinkade Gallery where he will have his own studio room which will face the street with a big window.
John will continue to teach his student art classes. Taking over the management of the Linda Watson Gallery for owner Joe Fleshner will be one of my favorite local artists Joe Kolb. I’ve known Joe for more than 20 years and have always respected him for his artistic talents as well as his vision for Conroe. Many thanks go out to Joe Fleshner and his lovely wife Jean for their leadership in bringing quality art to downtown Conroe.
Also thanks go out to Lee Ann, Rodney and Joyce Pool, Kathy Cook, Joe Kolb, Craig Campobella, John and Marla Porter, Bobby Shepard, The Friends of Conroe Inc., Conroe Live Inc., Ron Saikowski, Larry Calhoun, Janna Patrick, Richard Willis, Larry Forster, Rigby and Lucinda Owens, John Wiesner, Jim and Susie Pokorski, Mickey Dieson, Guy Andrews, Paul Virgadamo, Jerry McGuire, Steve Hailey, Barb Sadler, Ann Carr, Montgomery County Commissioners, John Earle Wiesinger and wife Sara, J.C. Deavours, Dave Clements, Vernon Wayne and Margaret Bowers, Darren and Angela Reed, Debbie and Mike Glenn, Seth and Betty Gibson, Debbie Eldridge, Cara Canada McCollum, Jim and Charlene Payne, Tommy and Mary Ann Metcalf, Webb and Beverly Melder, Jerry and Sandy Streater, Toby and Vanessa Powell and so many others too large a list to mention them all.
They say “variety is the spice of life” and if that’s true then you should check out downtown on the weekend when there is a lot happening and you will watch your fun-meter go off the charts and your sense of pride will escalate as you realize what a showcase our arts and entertainment has become.
Please support our new businesses, our restaurants, our various arts and entertainment projects, our galleries and our performing arts venues.
Well last Saturday night James McMurtry critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and son of w - Conroe Courier

"Mason Lankford: "Born-Again Texan" Leads A Folk Family Revival"

Tonight at Warehouse Live you can catch Robert Ellis & the Boys with Mason Lankford and the Folk Family Revival, all for free. Ellis and his gaggle of musicians are ramping up activity ahead of their weekly Whiskey Wednesdays debut at the new-era Fitzgerald's on September 29.
As for Lankford, this is very much the band's coming-out party, and their most high-profile gig to date. Aside from a win at this year's Battle of The Bands at Sam Houston Race Park and lead singer Lankford's edition of the Backseat Jukebox series, the band hasn't seen much club action. Tonight that changes as they open up for Ellis. We chatted with Lankford this week about his roots, his faves and Robert Zimmerman.

Rocks Off: State your name, age, place of birth, and rank...

Mason Lankford: My name is Mason Lankford. I was born in Bartlesville, Okla., in 1981, but I have been a born-again Texan since I was seven. I'm the lead singer & play guitar in Mason Lankford and the Folk Family Revival.

RO: We got wind of you through the Backseat Jukebox series. How did that come about?

ML: That started back at the "Battle of the Bands" at the Sam Houston Race Park. We ended up taking home first prize which consisted of some cash, 16 hours of free recording at 226 recording studio, and a photo shoot with the great Mark C. Austin. After the photo shoot Mark asked if I wanted to come downtown the next day and ride around in a car playing one of my songs. It sounded fun and it was free so I did it.

RO: What makes up the Mason Lankford and The Folk Family Revival sound?

ML: Man, that's a hard question! The best way to say it is, four brothers that love music, make the sound that is the Revival.

RO: Who are some of your favorite artists, the ones that got you to this point?

ML: First of all the inventor, poet, and shape-shifter Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan. I'm also a big fan of Jon Foreman and his band Switchfoot. I really appreciate their respect and love for God. I'm a fan of Woody Guthrie and any of the old-time, honest, heart-wrenching folk music that today's world has chained up in a shack somewhere.

I pretty much like all kinds of Texas Country music, anything from Nashville before the '80s too. My favorite is Hayes Carll. I also love every bluegrass band ever, and a bit of African tribal drum music.

RO: What is the plan for the rest of the year, sir?

ML: This year? Just hang in there, get one step further ahead everyday, and write a song that changes my life. I say my life for a reason, but I'm gonna leave everyone hanging. - Houston Press


Live at 226 :: 7/2010
Unfolding :: 7/11
Water Walker :: 4/2014



Don't be fooled by the name, these guys are not a folk band! They may best be described as an alt-country/rock and roll band, but you don't have to listen long to hear the influence of Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, The Band, Donovan and many others that bridged the gap between the American folk scene and the Folk Rock scene of the mid-1960's. They are a throwback to a time when southern rock and psychedelic music dominated the airwaves yet distinctively new and different.

A band of brothers and a childhood friend, from Magnolia, Texas, they are as comfortable opening arenas for Ted Nugent as they are opening for Willie Nelson, or playing some hipster club in Austin, their music simply strikes a chord with just about any audience. Though their previous album acquired much critical acclaim, this is a band that must be seen live to be appreciated.

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