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"Folk Heroes to host as house band!"

The Thursday night series is being hosted by the band Folk Heroes from Space, which includes Delhi musicians Brent Barber and Nicki Banis.

Rather than an open mic format, musicians are invited to join Folk Heroes on stage.

The results are often unpredictable.

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“Somebody will get up and do a comedy routine or bring an instrument you’ve never seen before,” said band member Jebediah Livingstone, 38, of Chatham.

The open jam is also important for the development of young talent in the area, he added.

“It’s like a baptism by fire for a lot of people,” Livingstone said.

“It’s one thing to play in somebody’s basement. It’s another to get in front of people.”

With a capacity of 125, Kent Street is an intimate, high-end bar that serves organic juices, coffees, and teas as well as alcoholic beverages.

For its big acts on Saturday nights — some of whom play internationally — it charges a cover of between $10 and $16 and had three sold-out shows last winter. Customers came from as far away as Oshawa, Toronto, and London.

“I think it would be fabulous if it became a tourist thing,” Horne said.

Stan Watson, owner of Gehrig’s — which featured top-end blues acts 20 years ago when it was known as the Melbourne Hotel — said he will continue to book bands provided the support from customers is there.

Shane’s Addiction (formerly Ivory Tower) will play Gehrig’s on July 5.

Pond said her pub is unlikely to return to featuring live music because her business butts up against a residential area and the noise would disturb her neighbours.

Instead, she hopes to benefit from the increased foot traffic from Kent Street and Gehrig’s.

Pond said she views the recent developments with the two bars as another sign the core is turning around.

“I think our downtown will eventually be one of those little downtowns with unique spots to shop,” with businesses that have “individual identities,” she said.

“We’re in a period of change in downtown Simcoe.”

Daniel Pearce - simcoe reformer


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It is a little known fact that rock and roll music originated in a not so distant galaxy and was brought to your planet AND GIVEN to some of the legendary greats .
This Galaxy is also the home of the FOLK HEROES FROM SPACE and it was there that they first met and honed their musical skills and eventually won the trip of a lifetime in honor of their achievements. The plan was to come to earth and visit the Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame and do a world tour visiting each and every Hard Rock Cafe on the planet.
As It happens however the ship broke up after entry and we are now stranded on earth until we can raise enough money ($12,000,000,000.00) to make repairs and head home.
We hope you like our music and buy multiple copies of our C.D. "GET ON THE BUS" , this would be a great help and much appreciated. We also promise to make a second C.D. with some of the proceeds.
ENJOY and we hope to see you on tour!
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