Folkloric Selamta

Folkloric Selamta


Folkloric Selamta shows the beauty of the feminity and maskulinity with strenght, elegancy and humor. The shows are full of variarity, from the traditional Africa to the new world. The music is all kind of rythms in a strict preciseness, that catches all of us. The dance and music is one.


Folkloric Selamta was formed in 1988 at Art Center Accra, Ghana. It grew out from the statecompany Folkloric Company of Ghana, that was put together with the Ghana Dance Ensemble.
Folkloric Selamta is expert in traditional dance and drumming from ┬┤the whole Ghana and from other African countries. They coreograf the dances themselves and create new dances. They have made a dancedrame about the slavery. The group is being used to State arrangements and to alle kind of other arrangements. Members have emigrated to USA, Germany, Finland, Denmark etc. A part of the group has toured in Libia and Denmark for 4 times.
The group has been invited to India, Colkatta in November 2012. The group is having a Cultural Center in Ghana for foreign students. Folkloric Selamta members are allways smiling while performing and doing their performances completely in the now, full of enegy and vital atmosphere, you only can love them and get inspired!


Peace Love and Unity Cd with traditional music and singing