Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
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Soulful hip hop music with a unique and creative sound. Has a positive hopeful message, soon to be a worldwide classic.


Folktella is an original ATLalien, his music mixes hip hop, soul, and rock to create a truly new and captivating sound. The message in the lyrics is one of the continuing struggle and hope for the future. His voice commands your attention from the first note and the veracity engages one on the street wise anthems like Hustle, as well as the smoothed out tracks like the World Wide Phenomenon, Life is What...which is his debut single. Folktella is a beacon of hope for all that have begun to loose faith in artistry and substance in todays music. The future is here, the future is Folktella.


Life is What

Written By: Nick Burke

(Chorus) Life is what you make it, life is what -- Repeat

So many people try to get out the game, I'm pretty sure it'd stop if they stop shipping thangs.
That's why boys flex, and girls trip, I knew they had a plan to makes us wanna dip.
That's why some drop out school, that's why some play the fool, so they can hit the street, so they can see the truth.
The truth is in our heart, the truth is never read, the truth is never said, the truth is never dead.
The truth is that I'm real, and we were never fake, say they that no need to hate, go-head congratulate.
See GOD is on our side, and GOD is with our people this aint no nother sequel, cause we were never equal.
And let me tell yall, that I'm not in this game, for no fortune or fame. I just try to maintain.
Because we want a meal, who said we had to kill, I know theres more to life than just paying bills...


Folktella - first album on Wholeteam Enterprises this Summer

2012 - the Southtribe mixtape available for free download at