Folletti-Files....A visual liquid lust involving descriptions of possession, supernatural warfare, erotic mysticism, and telekinetic manipulation. Each of these stories swim through a warm and cold industrial/screamo/funk score of psychedelic madness.


This group was founded by Yezac Folletti, who has been involved with underground music for over a decade, from hip-hop to death metal. Folletti-Files started out as an industrial hip-hop group with the help of former DNA Rain member DJ Backhand, and the adopted Bob from ska band Abandoned Theory. The band then grasped it's reality and became a funky screamo industrial group. This group does not sound like any other. It would be a cross of Skinny Puppy with Deftones (but not really), or maybe Genghis Tron meets The Red Hot Chile Peppers. Our sound and energy set us apart from every other act.


Hands Like Matchsticks

Written By: Casey Rowley (a.k.a)Yezac FOlletti

THey Dance in a trance in this tilted room, Hands like matchsticks blast elastic mass of, Traps that distract when you settle through, Practiced absinthe addict demanded magic, for transit, There's a map in the back, of the glass cocoon soon clues will bruise, When we enter you it's just a replication of being awake. The shifts in the concrete make heartbeat art greased back intact, back retracted dragged and gagged. Normal physical sensations, Their parasites waiting,your aging skinsuit that's wasting and fading, But we're plankton weighing enough to sink the corpse into the ocean of hades, These smaller particles are so familiar, Go fish a focused trigger, If the closest figure is not a misser, It's skin is crisper than the grass in the winter. Dance tracks swallow too, Demands that, Withdrawal fall is falling off, Jast grab that, My sac juice, You'll Dance and feel yourself when I'm through. The next day can't remember half of anything the first thing I see smiling at me fine, The wild crying wines, we're prices in devices in devices we buy, Bad Zoo voodoo, abused in test tubes wakewalk a trail.

the host vacant

Written By: Casey Rowley

What a coincidence in the mist whose gift is this, Chant over my symbol with no resistance. What a blind sighted eyes a midnight prize eaten by flies with no persistence insisted.
Did it seem like a subliminal message flashed while you were talking to me, swallow and see there's a five-D cloud following me, with multiple rings that dissolve then evolve into multiple things only a few that can see, prove that to me. Then my distorted Aurora creates type of chloroform sort of, it enters through the cornea, one warning, my wires are concealed until the spot under the back of my neck where my hairline peels, so squeal, you'll fit in the Spruce Mousse and I'll fit in the film reel, As a specter's gadget, o appear on tape as a result of magic an impulse so tragic, everything that happens to you will not seem like an accident, some sense you will have it, follow the rabbit, the colors in your vision will change like a TV next to a magnet.
Lubed sac flesh animated, contaminated, the truth is sad not blessed but unfabricated, that's why I am vaccinated, we first plotted this movement, agitated inside a corpse faceless, the host vacant, the ghost patient, it's fragrance constantly changes the temperature of it's station. there are others somewhat adjacent they can guide you or lead, depending on how well you see through, they took me to


The EP that is coming out in a few weeks will be the first release from this band, and is in production by Yezac Folletti.
Folletti's total discography includes:

Folletti-Files- "When in Skin Do as the Humans" 2009
DNA Rain- "DNA Rain" 2007 (industrial death metal)
LadyFinger Urethra- "Omnia" 2003 (hiphop)
Violated Skin Suit- "VSS" 2003 (horror)
Strait Anus Camp- "Hurrrrd" 2002 (hiphop)
DNA Rain- "Biologically Adapted Aggression" 2001 (industrial death metal)

Set List

1. Revenge of the manatee
2. Hands like Matchsticks
3. Cover song (undecided)
4. The Host Vacant
5. Delicate Relevant Settlement
6. Sorry that your Chair Bleeds
7. Abstract.
8. Tasted Guns
9. Optional Cover song (undecided)