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This band has not uploaded any videos



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The EP that is coming out in a few weeks will be the first release from this band, and is in production by Yezac Folletti.
Folletti's total discography includes:

Folletti-Files- "When in Skin Do as the Humans" 2009
DNA Rain- "DNA Rain" 2007 (industrial death metal)
LadyFinger Urethra- "Omnia" 2003 (hiphop)
Violated Skin Suit- "VSS" 2003 (horror)
Strait Anus Camp- "Hurrrrd" 2002 (hiphop)
DNA Rain- "Biologically Adapted Aggression" 2001 (industrial death metal)



This group was founded by Yezac Folletti, who has been involved with underground music for over a decade, from hip-hop to death metal. Folletti-Files started out as an industrial hip-hop group with the help of former DNA Rain member DJ Backhand, and the adopted Bob from ska band Abandoned Theory. The band then grasped it's reality and became a funky screamo industrial group. This group does not sound like any other. It would be a cross of Skinny Puppy with Deftones (but not really), or maybe Genghis Tron meets The Red Hot Chile Peppers. Our sound and energy set us apart from every other act.