Followed by Ghosts

Followed by Ghosts

 Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA

Steam gently releasing from a mountain, and then WHAM, an eruption of melodic guitars and molten hot awesome.


Followed by Ghosts started as many bands do: a side project. This has changed, and the instrumental post-rock band from the heartland of the USA, released their first record in the fall of 2007. After receiving many positive reviews on multiple websites and niche forums, the band decided to put out their second LP in 2008.
They have booked two successful tours on their own: their first staying in the midwestern states, and their second, going out to the east coast.
In the time that they have been together, they have been fortunate enough to have music featured on HBO during the Emmy winning 24/7 series, a feature length documentary entitled WAKE UP, and the 2011 season finale of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.
The band is currently working on releasing their newest record, which is expected to be out in by November 2011.
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'The Entire City was Silent' LP 2007
'Dear Monsters, Be Patient' LP June 26, 2008