Dreamers, adventurers, possesed by the need for creation. That’s what we were in the beginning. That is the spirit of the band. We are the same today.


PSEUDO - EMIGRANT CABARET [Music for wasted jumpy fingers]

Foltin in short, is an unusual cast, whose music is hard to define, and every attempt to insert it into a musical genre would not be very successful. Foltin’s music is surreal, passionate and witty, characterized with a frantic dance atmosphere, which is achieved with the fast Macedonian rhythm. Even though they use standard musical elements, their approach in creating the atmosphere is unpredictable and above all, original. In their musical identity the Anglo - Macedonian hybrid, is a collision between the East and West. Their language is an imaginary mixture or phonetic imitation of the world languages like: Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese... Their “spontaneous Esperanto”.

Foltin describe themselves as pseudo - emigrant cabaret, and often their concerts are turning into real performances. It is not a strange thing to imagine all that when you consider the fact that they have worked on a music for theatre performances, in which they are famous for using the ready-made “instruments” or creating ambient sound with objects from unmusical primer function, construction of some kind sculptures and installations.

Their last project is “Davy the Bowie + Fallen from Mars” - cover versions on David Bowie’s songs, sounding very special being performed by Foltin.

They took part in many musical and theatre festivals in Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, France and they have been awarded for their work many times.

The group exists since 1995 and have published four albums so far.


The tip of the tongue

Written By: Foltin

The tip of the tongue
takin' a trip of three steps down
The palate to top
At three
On the teeth
(tastin' the name with the tip of the tongue)

Prsti Prsti

Written By: Foltin

It seems...
When I play
I make love to my little Clarinette
and she probably screams


2008 - Ova transplantirana mashina na chukanje dosega ne tipkala ljubovno pismo ((p) KIC-Skopje)
2005 - Lo-Lee-Ta-Too ((p) 2005 DingDongRecords;
(c) 2008 Messechina Music)
2003 - Donkey Hot (Kukuzel Music)
2000 - Archimed (MAG)
1997 - Outre - mer (SJF records)

1.1. OUT-RE-MER is their first album released in 1997. It was created with the help of the Skopje Jazz Festival and produced by Kokan Dimushevski. This album abounds with the features which separated this group from the remaining bands in Macedonia, such as for instance the use of unusual instruments like tin cans, hoses and toys for children.

1.2 The second album ARCHIMED was released in 2000, when Foltin also began to write theater music. Through the attempt to merge electronic music with acoustic instruments, the songs gradually develop toward techno sounding, especially the song Archimed after which the album takes its name. Conceptually, ARCHIMED is supposed to present the idea of the modern man, a traveler and adventurer who falls in love with a local woman.

1.3 The third album titled DONKEY HOT was released in 2003 and carries a completely different story from the previous two albums. It unifies electronic music, acoustic instruments, and various toys, and it also uses kind of invented Esperanto language. The album is a parodical reflection of the reality we live in, with special emphasis on the everyday Spanish soap operas broadcast over the local televisions. In the album, the latter are ridiculed through a Latino sound and other humorous elements.

1.4 The fourth and latest album was released in 2005 and is titled LO-LE-TA-TOO. It is a biographical album and an auto-portrait of the musician who conveys his being through the sounds of the instrument. The lyrics are composed of writing by Nabokov and Rensoir translated in Macedonian, however they are performed with accents that differ from the typical Macedonian accent.

texts by Neda Maretic

Set List

Typically two hours show mostly with original music composed by the band (overview through Discography)

“The audience is a real being in a search for a little fun, or - who knows - maybe some kind of e real bondage with us. They stand in front of us and they wait to hear something from us, they expect to be told something. What we tell them - they seem to like! And maybe we are kindred souls with our audience, maybe we really are. And they really seem to like what we are telling them. Who knows, maybe this is a start of a wonderful friendship? And if I contemplate this further, either that's the case, or we're just good for circulation”

(Branko Nikolov in an interview for Blesok magazine)