Indie Pop with noise rock tendencies.


"Thank God things like this still happen."-Losing Today(Italy)
"Foma has perfected a coy, yet lustrous indie pop persona." -Venus Magazine
"A band with great ability and even greater potential." -Americana UK


Kurt's Theme

Written By: Foma

make me kind, make me happy and free, make me brave and make me so healthy, make me feel like i am so alive and then kill me
give me hope, let my thoughts go astray, maybe you don't see this quite like my eyes do: so seriously. you joke, but then you kill me

slowly, eloquently, gently but somehow violent
gracefully you slash at me and i forget

and i lie to myself all the time, who cares if i know it deep inside? whatever works is what you gotta do, cuz when will they feel. maybe they do and you aren't the same, maybe you are and i'm missing something. are you afraid we'll ruin everything? oh, this is a fake.

The Cockroach Remains

Written By: Foma

A long cold winter is near. But this time there won’t be a spring to come again. We have such good engineers: too good for everyone’s carbon nuclei. Credit it to fierce competition in the spirit of entrepreneurial. Hey, we have every right to a solid financial situation. But this place never stood a chance with such go-getters.
When I ask my friends, “why should you fret like this?� is when I tell my friends: “Don’t worry: we won’t be here for long.�


Written By: Foma

In the Stars, the moon of Mars will give me life and hope. All in good time, sector A-9 will be my house and home. A rocket’s red glare will take me there. Oh the irony!
Wipe my tear as it draws near and watch us fly away. Close my eyes, we’ll melt the skies; I’ll be reborn today. Goodbye my dears and grinding gears. Your song: I’ll miss it not.


The Scared EP(2004)
Icecaves LP (2004)
Phobos LP (2006)

Set List

All original songs. Sets are usually 25-45 min. long.