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Brighton, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Pop Indie




"Indie Skim Vol. 10 – Third Week's a Charm"

Fond of Rudy, a South Eastern Calypso Pop band from Brighton, gives us “Say Something.” (And I'll also say this, that description was a mouthful.) The four-piece sounds like summer in a bottle and a little like The 1975, so I’ve been playing this on repeat, while sprinting / sliding through the gray sludge streets. - Earmilk

"SONG PICK: Fond Of Rudy – Say Something"

First song of the New Year comes from the British four-piece Fond Of Rudy who put out yet another irresistibly catchy and simply gorgeous single with their calypso inspired “Say Something”. - Glamglare

"Nieuwe single Fond Of Rudy – “Say Something”"

Soms heb je niet meer nodig dan ene Rudy waar je verzot van bent om een bandnaam te bedenken. Fond Of Rudy komt uit Brighton en maakt zuiderse calypso pop. Denk hierbij aan bands zoals The 1975, Bastille en Walk The Moon. “Say Something” is de tweede single van Fond of Rudy’s opkomende EP TWO. Die verschijnt naar alle waarschijnlijkheid ergens begin 2017. Met die single voeden ze ons een melodische maaltijd met verschillende gangen.

Het begint wat in de achtergrond waarna een zwoele synth de intro leidt. Als de catchy melodie er eenmaal inkomt, kan je niet anders dan een vrolijk gezicht trekken. Het contrast tussen de donkere synths en de zonnige gitaren, zorgen voor een intense ervaring van pure indie pop. De invloed van de dansbare pop uit de eighties is nooit ver weg dankzij het opgewekt deuntje doorheen de song. Een nummer die deze winter de donkere periodes wat meer licht kan geven, dat zeker. - Dansende Beren


“Say Something” is from Fond of Rudy‘s upcoming EP, TWO, contrasting a darker background synth-scape with a much brighter set of guitar work. This indie-pop group of 4 has Otto (bass), Matt (vocals), Ross (guitar), and Si (drums) bridging the gap between modernity and stylistic 80s influences.

In what leaves an optimistic feel, “Say Something” isn’t particularly ‘indie’ at all. The incredible hooks throughout lend themselves to sitting well in any pop circle. Created from a heartfelt core, “Say Something” evokes a state of mind rather than a specific message, and comes off as a welcomed experience. - IMPOSE Magazine

"I Heart Moosiq Tumblr"

My fondness for Brighton quartet Fond Of Rudy grows exponentially as they carry me away with a dulcet melting new tune named Say Something, a new taste from the band’s forthcoming EP, TWO. The melodic indie pop found on the endearing song is bright and buoyant. Despite its ebullient candor, there’s a bittersweet undertone to this dreamy luscious confection. Say Something is a song you’ll be humming when you least expect it. It’s that infectious - I Heart Moosiq

"** PREMIERE ** Fond Of Rudy - Say Something"

Officially released on December 16, Brighton/London-based calypso pop quartet Fond Of Rudy are giving Little Indie an early taste of their latest single, 'Say Something'.

The new track follows 'The Line' which we featured in August, and 'Are You Ready?' from the beginning of 2016, and comes from the band's forthcoming EP ‘TWO', which drops next year.

"Lyrically, it describes the traits of a person who tends to panic and can't let the tiniest of things slide, 'mountains out of molehills' is a term that comes to mind," says vocalist Matt Ahwal about 'Say Something'.

The hook-rippled, three-minute track presents as a melodic palette of dark sounding low end synth and bright guitar melody to leave you with a blend of dance and infectious 80s-esque rhythms.

Fond Of Rudy are: Matt Ahwal - vocals, rhythm guitar; Ross Lower - lead guitar, backing vocals; Otto Metaxas - bass, sampler, backing vocals; Si Davies - drums, sampler, backing vocals. - Little Indie Blogs

"CLASH Premiere : Fond Of Rudy - 'The Line'"

Fond Of Rudy make pop songs.
These aren't simply little ditties, though - the band have outrageously catchy pop songs, things that linger in the imagination and burrow ever-more-deeply.
New cut 'The Line' is a case in point. Those pin-point synths are matched to cutting guitar lines, with Fond Of Rudy surging ever further forward.
According to the band, the “song's theme is frustration, figuring out the time to draw ‘The Line’ on a relationship, when being lead on.”
Righteous fare, you can tune in below. - CLASH Music


An upbeat, well-toned riff lies as the basis of the new single,The Line, from Fond Of Rudy and the energy of the band, along with their clear love music displayed in the track’s melodies is infectious. Originating from Brighton, the four piece have made a name for themselves over the past two years via their numerous singles and 4 track EP One released earlier this year. The happy vibe and modern blend of indie and electro pop from Fond Of Rudy has created a buzz around the band and allowed them to build a strong following on social media not only around Brighton but across the entire UK.

This new single swerves towards the pop side of their music, drifting away from their earlier acoustic, indie sound heard on the 2014 release To Be Mine. Layering angelic backing vocals on top of the crisp indie melody provides an insight into the bands blend of genres. These, along with a good old song break down, featuring a brilliant scratchy guitar element, create a brilliant new showcase the increasingly definitive style of Fond Of Rudy. - Popped Music

"Wonderlist : Tracks Of The Week"

Fond of Rudy bring you three minutes of sunshine-drenched indie in the form of new single “The Line”. With an insanely catchy chorus and a shimmering guitar riff, this is an earworm of the highest order. - Wonderland Magazine

"Little Indie Blogs - Hot Top Ten August 2016"

We featured the Brighton calypso-pop quartet back in January with 'Are You Ready?' Now back with latest single of summery jangly pop, catchy beats and lustrous guitar sounds. - Little Indie Blogs

"Fond Of Rudy - The Line"

Look up bubbly pop perfection in the Dictionary and you'd probably find Fond Of Rudy amongst the description. The band's latest single stops at no means to deliver an infectious vocal-hook filled jam piled with a whole heap of euphoric guitars and energising melodies. With a debut EP released so far, the Brighton based quartet look set to follow it up with some mighty fine work, The Line being just the start of hopefully many great things to come. Take a listen for yourselves below. - Scientists Of Sound


Brighton based four-piece Fond of Rudy release infectious indie pop track 'The Line'.
Some genres have more of a familiarity about them than others and indie pop is one of them. You can hear the same sort of formula in its guitar lines and synth a thousand times over, but if you're an indie pop fan, you'll never get bored of it.

Fond of Rudy and their newest single, 'The Line', possesses many familiarities. But this is a good thing in certain genres of music because that's where we find our connection or a bond with the things we like. At least in a mainstream sense. Familiarity is also very different to predictability and fortunately for Fond of Rudy they are accessible yet avoid being overly predictable.

There's a welcoming feel to 'The Line' from the offset despite it's thematic assessment of when to draw the line on a relationship. It's synth intro - which makes more than one appearance during the track - really reminds me of the type of of inspirational music that is played when the geeky underdog crosses the finish line of a race in slow motion in films. The tone of the piece is balmy, infectious and upbeat where subtle synth permeates through alternating standardised indie guitar lines and nostalgia-drenched 80's shimmering riffs that smell of summer.
With their easy commercial appeal, it's hard not to be fond of Fond of Rudy. Give the track a listen below! - When The Horn Blows

"SONG PICK: Fond Of Rudy - The Line"

Brighton quartet Fond Of Rudy dub their sound “South Eastern Calypso Pop”, while I call their new single “The Line”, a dazzling blend of bubbly, fizzy happiness! Without being over-produced sugar-pop, “The Line” offers sparkly guitar melodies, superb vocals and pulsating, optimistic beats. This is irresistible bliss for all senses! Listen to the beautifully catchy “The Line”, our Song Pick of the Day, now - Glamglare

"Listen To This!"

Brighton-based quartet Fond of Rudy return with latest single The Line.

Relishing in their own brand of blissed-out indie-pop, Brighton’s Fond of Rudy are back with yet another tropi-pop banger that’s as melodic as it is heartfelt. Having premiered over at Clash only just today, it’s obvious that the band are earning friends in all the right places. - Louder Than War


Catchy new 80s esque pop single from Brighton based Fond Of Rudy. With new song ‘The Line’ they are giving us more euphoria in their guitars and a higher energy overall in their vocals. Add a good measure of synths and you’ve got yourself a HIT.
According to the band, the “song’s theme is frustration, figuring out the time to draw ‘The Line’ on a relationship, when being lead on.”
The band are releasing a string of singles and videos between now and the end of the year… we can’t wait for more of their pop goodness. - Spindle Magazine


Fond of Rudy

Time for some feel-good indie pop from Brighton’s Fond of Rudy.

Their new track ‘The Line’ blends 80’s synths with a modern, catchy and melodic guitar hooks. It’s a track about frustration within a relationship. Something I’m sure we can all relate to. - Indietronica


Fond of Rudy blend both the traditional and the modern 80’s pop output of new single ‘The Line’. A catchy guitar melody is offset by subtle synth-work to create something that is a fusion of more traditional musical tropes, with a hint of modern innovation. This is a proper ear-worm that will be in your head and your heart the moment you hear it.

The pop sound and hooks are undeniable, as is the accessibility of the lyrics and sound in general. A good slice of pop for those looking for something that is familiar yet also forward-looking. - Right Chord Music

"Debut Fond Of Rudy "The Line""

Brighton-based Fond of Rudy is taking over the airwaves with their infinitely catchy indie pop tracks.

The video starts out with sugary sweet instrumentals, cascading into a rich guitar riff with percussion to complement. The scene is reminiscent of that backpacking trip you took in Wyoming earlier this summer, with shots of natural waters, trees, and the guys walking to a fire pit set next to a a picnic table. It’s everything an outdoor adventurer wants in life, and Fond of Rudy is gladly providing.

Then the guys sing across the fire to each other, which kind of seems like a super cheesy way to roll with it. (Is that a hallucination of a beautiful woman, or is she actually there?) The thing is, we’re really digging the cheesy. We love that they shake their heads at each other, and that there are nods to fun, slapstick humor reminiscent of The Three Stooges. Then there are slow motion montages, and a flurry of emotions is introduced that we’re not sure we were exactly ready for.

One thing’s for sure: If he could get that girl out of his head, he could probably enjoy his mountain man guys’ day a little bit more.

But we’ll just enjoy it for him. - IMPOSE Magazine

"I Heart Moosiq Tumblr"

Brighton based outfit Fond Of Rudy describes their music as “south eastern calypso pop”. I’m not someone who knows UK geography well, so I’ll just go with vivacious, infectious, melodic indie pop instead, if the lads don’t mind. You’ll be bopping along to their new tune The Line in no time as it whisks you away with its bright guitar and snappy hooks. The Line is out now on iTunes and Spotify. - I Heart Moosiq

"Fond Of Rudy share video 'Move On Now' on It's All Indie"

The self titled 'calypso pop outfit Fond Of Rudy have given us the première of their brand new song. 'Move On Now' is taken from their debut 'One' EP out via Itunes now. 2016 is set to be an exciting year for the Brighton 4 piece, with a number of festival bookings already in the pipeline.

The emotive indie pop number 'Move On Now' is filmed in their hometown of Brighton at the venue (The Joker) where their EP launch will take place this Easter Sunday. Full event details here. The live performance of 'Move On Now' was filmed by the multi talented visual and events team Eyes and Ears Brighton. - It's All Indie

"New Brighton Music"

Fond of Rudy pose the question Are You Ready on their new single. It sounds like they’re asking if we’re ready for the summer, and good lord we are. Anyone know when it’s going to get a bit warmer and the rain’s going to stop? - Brighton Music Blog

"Fond Of Rudy Debuts New Single - 'Are You Ready'"

Brighton pop band ‘Fond Of Rudy’ release the upbeat and sunny single ‘Are You Ready’ taken from their debut ‘One’ EP. A light, happy infused tease of summer on the horizon. ‘Are Your Ready’ is a heart warming, easy and playful song, which will ease your winter blues.
Identifying the band’s range of influences which meld harmoniously to reveal the best of good and smart ’80’s pop, together with some tropical jazz infused melodies apparent throughout.
The band describe their sound as being “South Eastern Calypso Pop with a dash of indie”. - Artrocker Magazine

"[LISTEN] Fond Of Rudy - Are You Ready"

Brighton band Fond Of Rudy have released an upbeat and sunny new single 'Are You Ready' to banish the winter blues. Taken from their début EP 'One' this light infused, happy song will get you all excited for summer.

The band's sound can only be described as the best of 80s pop, together with tropical jazz infused melodies. - It's All Indie

"Little Indie Blogs - Hot Top Ten January 2016"

Track from the Brighton calypso-pop four-piece's debut EP of "swaggering indie, rock and pop", titled 'One', out on January 15. Dancey, catchy beats and the little interspersed 'hey's' are cute - be ready. - Little Indie Blogs


Say Something - 12.12.16

T H E  L I N E - 02.08.16

Are You Ready - 01.02.16



Fond of Rudy are an indie-pop 4 piece band from Brighton. The songs are developed from a heartfelt core, washed with stylistic references from 80s icons and revived to a state of modernity through contemporary production. The music attempts to encapsulate a feeling, an emotion, or a state of mind rather than simply a mindful melody.

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