Fond Phantom

Fond Phantom

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Expansive. Boundless. This is imagination distilled. Fond Phantom. I am a human person and this is the music that makes me.


Fond Phantom is the solo project of Chad Jonathan Walls. Chad is a devout musician and recording engineer who has been involved in the North Texas music world for some time now. Through years of recording work and playing in live bands, Chad has long sought a way to merge these two loves. With Fond Phantom, this has been achieved. The recording process and live performance for Fond Phantom are very closely related, both incorporating elements of improvisation and sonic experimentation.

Chad Walls also plays with the following local acts: Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things and Water Falls. He has recorded projects such as: Mandarin, Bridges and Blinking Lights, Melt Moment Function, Lo-Fi Chorus, Bedouin Dust, Pegasus Now, and many many more...



Written By: Chad Jonathan Walls

We've seen a lot of crazy stuff
Ups and downs are well noted
It's still a long way to go

Behind the noise, a voice is clear
"River run 'round the stone"
It's still a long way to go

The Path

Written By: Chad Jonathan Walls

What will we do
When The Path grows cold
How will we know
Where to go
Who'll pay the bills
Who'll hold the reins
Who'll be opressed by their own shame
Who'll toe the line
Who'll feel the heel
Under the wheel
Underneath the wheel


"The solo project of Chad Jonathan Walls features two songs, both approaching 20 minutes each, which gives them room to expand and contract across a series of textural and sonic changes. Good 'meditation' music." - Audra Schroeder (Dallas Observer)

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