Funky smooth electronica chillout with soul.


The Fonkmaster Survives & Score Soundtrack Honors
By: Phreshwater Magazine:

Survivor Gregory J. Bennett aka Fonkmaster is back with a BANG after surviving the devastation and aftermath of several recent hurricanes throughout the New Orleans and surrounding areas. With his new project entitled ‘Confunkshunal Chillout‘, Gregory takes on a new brand called “smooth electronica” to help bolster his addictive arsenal of ambient/chillout soundscapes and funky smooth jazz laced grooves. ‘Confunkshunal Chillout’ is getting rave reviews from the preliminary feedback of industry insiders. This new brand of music can also be heard on the soundtrack of the highly anticipated film, ‘Cain and Abel’ of Mercury Rising Films, distributed by Maverick Entertainment. As The Fonkmaster, Gregory is an award-winning innovator of atmospheric and funkafied electronic grooves with pop sensibilities. He is also an orchestral composer of his special brand of contemporary cinematic instrumental soundscapes. Gregory is a diversified instrumentalist as an intricate one-third component of the group Greg B & The Fonkmasters. The trio also includes collaboration from talented vocalists Tara Marion and Lucy Nickson. Some of Gregory’s instrumental tracks have been licensed to cable TV programming on VH-1, MTV, The Food Network, HGTV, The E Channel and the Weather Channel, just to name a few. He can also be heard on music-on-hold applications and the internet. Gregory also received the Listen and Exchange Award for being one of the Top 10 indie producers in 2003. Most recently, Music Emissions named him one of the Best Indie Music Content Providers of ‘2009.


Baby I Give This Love To You

Written By: Gregory Bennett

Baby I Give This Love To You

Intro: Heart and soul, heart and soul.

1st Verse:
Girl, close your eyes, you don’t have to see
I want you to feel inside, just what you’re doing to me.
Cause you got to know right now

Baby I give this love to you
So take it and run to my heart
Baby I give this love to you
There’s no better place to start.

2nd Verse:
Girl, their was a time, their was a time babe
I remember the day, remember the day
Love wasn’t on your mind, I see you’re changing your ways.
Cause sugar you know by now

(REPEAT CHORUS) Baby I give this love.

Do you feel warm like the sun in June
Cause that’s the way your lovin makes ya feel.
You say you want happiness, let me share it with you
You got to go for what is real.
So come and get it

Mind, body and soul I wanna let you know, I ‘m so into you baby.
We can take it slow but ya gotta let me know

(Fade Out and End)


Some of Gregory’s music tracks have been placed in the following TV programming from 2002 - present;
My Coolest Years - VHI
Behind The Music Epic - VH1 Room Raiders - MTV
Bill Cosby Biopic - Bio Ch What's Your Sign - HGTV Hiphop Honors - VH-1
The Next FoodNetwork Star - Food Network
R Kelly Interview - VSpot Hell Date - BET
Real Sex - HBO, just to name a few.

Gregory soundtrack efforts have appeared in the following films;
Cain and Abel - 2005
DayTrip Designer Paris-2006 Gastineau Girls - 2007
Dirty Hippies - 2008