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Fonna Live and Direct from Omaha Nebraska! This 12 year old power house vocalist delivers light hearted melodies with perfect pitch and a positive message. This is the kind of music adults and kids can enjoy and groove to!!!


Make no mistake FONNA is the real deal! Imagine a pint size Sarah Vaughn singing verses over Reggaeton rhythms!!! That's right FONNA's budding carrer starts here. Don't this opportunity to improve you and your child's quality of life.

FONNA'S Dream's: To one day be able to make a difference in the world.

Talents: Vocals, acting, beginner guitar.

The single: "Peekaboo" - This upbeat tune is quite a way for such a young artist to make a first impression splash. FONNA's signed to the Boca Raton, FL based label Hook Shop Records early last summer. She is very excited and has a steady following building in Omaha & Boca.

Track Listing:
1) Peekaboo (i'm talking 2 u) - radio edit feat. Big Sister C
2) Reggaeton mix...feat. Bobby Dinero
(M.Bassie Hookshopsongs-BMI/ A.Fishbein front end lifter- ASCAP
3) Instrumental
4) Acapella

Produced by: Miky Bassie - Hook Shop Records
all songs: Hookshopsongs BMI/copyright 2006 all rights reserved
Mix Engineer: Gary "GMajor" Noble
Mastered by: Chris Scoot
Live Guitar: Aaron Fishbein all other instrumentaion: Mikey "Bassie"

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Peek-a-boo (I’m Talkin’ 2 u)

Written By: m.bassie

Peek-a-boo (I’m Talkin’ 2 u)
Dig into what I’m saying
1, 2 – ooh if you’re gonna be my boo
Cause there ain’t nothing better than a good friend

(verse 1)
Hey when the chips are down I’ll be around if you call my name
I need someone to pick me up When I’m down can I do the same?
Nothing’s out of bounds, Give and take that is the game
Whatever goes around is coming on round
Cause that’s the way

I don’t wana be alone oh no
Cause this world is very cold without a friend
I’d rather be on my own
If I can’t find someone who’ll be
True to the end

(verse 2) Rap (Big Sister CL)
Hey Little Dude I’m talkin’ 2 U
You say you wana be my boo
But here’s what you gotta do for me: First you understand, give and take son. I do for you; you do for me – and we can have fun.
Whatever goes around is coming on round
Cause that’s the way

Oh I know it’s never easy
It ain’t what you take it’s what you give
And when you feel the walls come closing in,
Hey that’s when you give in …

Don’t ball it up if the pressure gets you down
I’ll start you up (4x)


"Peekaboo" (single) Feb. 1, 2006 (hook shop records)

Set List

Limosine Bop
Nothing Comes Easy

Happy Birthday
National Anthem