South Houston, Texas, USA
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Fonz is Houston raised with an East Coast flow. His lyrics are catchy yet thought provoking; he's not your average Houston artist.


Alphonse "Fonz" Williams was born in Galveston, Tx. He grew up 30 minutes outside of Houston, in a city called La Marque, where he excelled in both sports & academics. His next door neighbor introduced Fonz to rap music (after a strong dislike by his parents prevented him from being exposed to the genre.) Fonz attended UT-Arlington & continued his hobby of music by performing at school events w/ other University artists. In 2006, after being recommended for artwork design, Fonz began working w/ Southstar Dj's. Fonz continued developing his craft & moved to Austin, Tx. In 2009 Fonz was asked to take his music seriously & released his first mixtape titled Point Blank. After creating a buzz from his mixtape along w/ his attention-grabbing videos, Fonz's 2nd mixtape Nobody's Safe, was highly anticipated from fans. In November 2011, Fonz released his 3rd mixtape, First Flight. With singles such as “Touchdown” & “Phone Buzzin'”; Fonz's music has taken off. His video for 'Touchdown' has reached monumental success on the internet & continues to climb & the same is expected for his latest video single, Life's Fly. Fonz's ability to keep the audience captivated with his clever concepts & intense, yet witty, lyrics separates him from the rest of the pack of up & coming rappers.


Life's Fly

Written By: Fonz

[Verse 1: Fonz]
V-neck, levis all black supras
Fresher than tomorrow I live in the future
With so many horses in the hood of the cruiser
Got 600 reasons we dont stop for the troopers
A little big headed there I said it
Mapquest fame boy I know where I'm headed
I'm good with the hood got a great line of credit
Cuz we don't even listen if the grapevine said it
Can't crack the combo to the g-code
Fuck the needles and the thread I'mma keep the streets sewed
Better keep clear if you need to be told
When you stepping to a monster what the fuck is beast mode?
Need to reconsider what your acts gonna be
Got a deadbolt flow boy I latch on beats
You wanna hear the future I'm what thats gonna be
You the past im the present leave the raps on me

Yea so where your head at, make sure your kicks right
Be sure your clothes nice
C'mon and where your bread, make sure your whips tight
You want them hoes right?
Ok well get your seatbelts fastened
Look up and grab your oxygen masking
Yea and catch a cloud with the right man
Life's fly im just going through the flight plans

[Verse 2: Fonz]
Dry kush, afghan, weed getting to my head like a catscan
I'm from a town of hard knocks on a last chance
And niggas push the white girl save the last dance
Advance cuz I be on the next shit
You fucking with the best I guess you best be on your best shit
Mom said life will kill me I'm living young and restless
I told her dying rich would be my only fucking death wish
Don't panic, I take what I was granted
It's for the love of money, I hate to get romantic
And sorry martin luther this ain't really how you planned it
But sometimes I holler nigga so these niggas understand it
Dropped out of college baby that was my call
Quit part time rapping and I gave it my all
But see my talent wasn't something you could eyeball
Cuz now the sales going up like a sky mall

[Hook: Fonz]
Yea so get your hair done, and fix your bra straps
Be sure the drawers match
Girl you want that rich one, dont give him all that
He gotta call back
Ok well get your seatbelts fastened
Look up and grab your oxygen masking
Yea and catch a cloud with the right man
Life's fly I'm just going through the flight plans

[Verse 3: Fonz]
Drop the pedal make the lambo get up
Speed demon heinz 57 won't catch up
Can't hold me down I'll make gravity let up
And like a nosebleed baby I just keep my head up
Walked through the mud and ain't get muddy
A penny for my thoughts till I made sense of it
You think I ain't nothing?
After mixtapes im a .08 you can't say I ain't buzzin
Dont drink and drive unless you think you got it
And there goes the logic after parties up in college
Couple red lights and we ain't even stopping
Drunk dialing every single chick we knew was about it
But they dont give degrees out for that stuff
So I guess thats why I kick it on this rap stuff
Accountant major education as a back up
To six figures and a wall to put the plaques on

[Hook: Fonz]
Yea so you the shit huh?
You on your grind right, dont give a fuck right
What you making hits huh?
You in the lime light and now the times right
Ok well get your seatbelts fastened
Look up and grab your oxygen masking
Yea and catch a cloud with the right man
Life's fly I'm just going through the flight plans


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