Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

The music in our hearts and in your eardrums vibrate
like elegant dancers

And they call us merrymakers

Lets drink a glass of cold wine
with burning cigarretes

We are FOO, for all the good and the bad times, enjoy our music


Young dreamers lifes. Exciting echos of 90's rythm. Overflow of fresh air and a wide variety of colours in the cavern world.

Originally were born as a premature form, in the city of the mist. FOO are two brothers and friends. They met in old times, between musical empathy and lack of oniric experiences.

Their nostalgic sound evokes frequences of sharp and melodic instruments. Their lyric sarcasm reflects victories of everyday, of the people that for surviving try to evade conformism of a monotonous life.

Spiritual freedom is based on trascentental experiences for our souls. History is just the way.


Elenin 2012 Onarama Records